Northern Bald Ibis is the most threatened bird in the Middle East but this year there has been some good news regarding the species. Despite a tiny population of one pair breeding in Syria, the birds have enjoyed the best breeding season for three years and raised two healthy young. These birds have started their migration and have been located in Saudi Arabia by Saudi Wildlife Commission (SWC) staff who helped to survey stop over areas of the species last year and is doing the same again this year.

Four birds are being tracked by satellite transmitters - two adults from their breeding grounds in Syria and two juveniles released from the semi-wild population in Turkey. A website has been set up by the RSPB and you can follow their daily journey here

The last news I heard was that three adult birds are still in Saudi Arabia and doing well. They will be on their way to the Ethiopian Highlands so lets hope they make it safely as in 2009 one juvenile was shot and killed by a hunter in Saudi Arabia, so much happier news so far this year.