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Thread: HELP: I've taken home a baby sparrow and don't know what else to do

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    Default HELP: I've taken home a baby sparrow and don't know what else to do

    The little birdie looks exactly like this:

    only that its feathers look a bit more ''unbrushed'' probably because it kept trying to get away and hitting itself on our fence. I think it fell out of its nest and unfortunately it is unable to fly yet. I couldn't find any adult sparrows so I had to take it home because it was getting dark outside and we have neighbors whose cats like to roam in our backward. I did everything wrong, I scarred the poor thing, placed water in a measuring spoon inside its cardboard box and it jumped right into it and got frightened even more. I've read somewhere that stressed birds can catch pneumonia when in contact with water, I hope the poor thing is ok. Do baby sparrows eat bird seeds? I placed a small amount of Universal diet vitamin and mineral fortified for small birds seeds. I am panicking because I have no idea how to take care of wild birds even though I own a cockatiel. There's no place I can call to at this moment, it is too late and no aviary is open at this hour. I'm afraid this little baby won't make it through the night. Here's how its domestic ''nest'' looks like:

    The white thing underneath the cardboard box is used to warm its nest. I placed a cloth inside it and closed the lights so it can calm down after being stressed. Right now it is sleeping. What else can I do to help the poor thing?

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    Bananna; You've responded to a perceived situation pretty much as thousands of people do. Every year. Have done for as many years as I can remember.

    And so the bird will, quite likely, be stiff, by the morning. If not? I doubt it'll last much longer. Whether ye let it go, where ye found it. Or ye try to 'Nurse' it.

    But, hey! This is nature X Amount of eggs laid, each year. + Y many found, in the nest, and scarfed down by predators. (So on and so forth .....)

    At the other end? The few who make it past leaving the nest. Not getting snatched by cats, hawks whatever ~ or 'Rescued' by people.

    This is just the time where the pools get cleaned. One way, or another.

    Ye responded in what ye considered might be the right way. In future? Ye'll know to take a step back and ~ no matter how hard it may seem ~ turn ye back. And let nature get on with her thing

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    I'm afraid you've done EXACTLY the wrong thing.

    The bird was not abandoned, it was a fledgling that was 'doing its thing'. They naturally leave the nest before they can fly.

    You have now taken it away from its parents, which are its only food source, so it will probably be dead within 12 hrs becasue it will not be getting fed by the parents (beak to beak), and so it will starve.

    You need to put the bird back where you found it, immediately (like, right now!). Take it and put it in the nearest bit of thick cover within a few yards of where you found it. Then leave well alone to give the parents a chance to come back. That is its only hope.

    Unless a bird like this is in immediate danger, such as sat in the middle of a road, or with a cat chasing it, then leave them alone.

    As Ditch says, many people make this mistake. But instead of helping, they have actually killed a baby bird that was in no need of help.

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    No worries: yesterday I woke up at 4:30am to check if it was still alive, fed it mashed carrots at 6am and let it free at the place I found it. A couple of hours later, its mother came to feed it and today I saw it with an adult sparrow happily standing on an electric cord. Everything is fine!

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