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Thread: Blyth's Pipit - Myanmar

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    Default Blyth's Pipit - Myanmar

    Following on from the insights provided to Dave Bakewell and Malaysia's first Blyth's Pipit I thought I'd ask the group for their thoughts.

    I photographed this pipit in Kachin State, northern Myanmar last February.

    I believe it is a Blyth's but I'm interested in hearing other opinions especially if anyone thinks this is something else.

    Robson list's Blyth's as an uncommon winter visitor to Myanmar but this is the first one I've found after 5 years in the country!

    I have had several false starts with Paddyfield Pipits in the past.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I'd also be interested in hearing about other Myanmar records of the species if anyone has them.


    Rob Tizard
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    Hi Rob,
    with such triangular centers to the median coverts, prominent dark upper border to the supercilium, only moderately streaked upperparts, rufous flanks etc. this is certainly no Blyth's Pipit.

    I do not think it is a Paddyfield Pipit either; the fairly heavy bill (with curved upper mandible) and contrastingly patterned median coverts and tertials seem to rule that out - so I believe it is a Richard's Pipit.

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    I think that the faint but definite thin loral-stripe makes this a Paddyfield Pipit. The left hand pic is almost in profile so it can't be the way that the feathers are lying that is producing that.

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