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Thread: Is this a young yellow wagtail?

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    Default Is this a young yellow wagtail?

    Anyone help with this little fellow.

    Best i can see is first winter yellow wagtail,,,but very much not sure.

    Any help ..much appreciated.

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    It's a young Pied Wagtail Rod.

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    Rod; I find even Collins is pretty dire with young Pied's.

    What I suggest ye might want to do is to Google for images of " Juvenile Pied Wagtail " and just enjoy looking at some fascinating photo's. Get a feel for what this, most common, type looks like. That can be an eye opener

    Then, maybe dare to look at White Wagtail, juve's?

    Get those two firmly fixed in the old minds eye and ye'll soon enough spot anything else that's 'Wrong'. And That'll most probably be a Grey Wagtail.

    What ever. If in any doubt? Grab some of ye excellent snaps and show us.

    Wagtails are one my my personal favourite birds. I just like them

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