Hi all,
For the first time ever, a dedicated pelagic trip will be run on the Canary Islands, off Lanzarote, on the weekend of the 10th-11th of September.
The idea is to go 2 full days to a very seabird-rich area, called "Banco de la Concepcion" located 60 miles off Lanzarote, where most trawlers go fishing, on board a big ship and with lots of chum. As it┤s the first time such a trip is organized, we don┤t really know what we┤ll see, though birds like White-faced , Wilson┤s and Madeiran storm petrels, bulwer┤s petrels, etc etc should be guaranteed, as well as probably good numbers of migrant seabirds (great shears, skuas, etc) The chances of seeing something rare are quite good too. Some researchers who were there 2 months ago saw 5 pterodromas and 1 RBtropicbird, so we expect to find some good things out there
If anyone is on the Canaries by then, and wants to join us, just send me an e-mail to dskater20(@)gmail.com

Dani Lˇpez Velasco