If you have two minutes to spare please sign a petition to save the IBA at Lake Qarun in the beautiful Fayyoum Oasis in Egypt.

The 25th January Revolution was the easy part. It was just the beginning of the end of a 30 year regime that allowed the rich and powerful to take the wealth of this country for their personal gain.

Egypt is as rich in biodiversity as it is with the heritage of one of the world’s first civilisations and we are attempting to keep it that way and we are now free to march, protest and petition. As a member of Nature Conservation Egypt an NGO affiliated to BirdLife International we are attempting to save Lake Qarun, which is an Important Bird Area (IBA) from a huge and ghastly development.

A comprehensive document in Arabic and English has been delivered to the relevant ministries and agencies along with signature and CVs of environment activists. Anyone is able to sign and we need numbers to make a real impact on our transitional government who are looking for the return to the 12 million tourist figure of 2010.

The main developer has already ruined 35 kilometres of Mediterranean coast with wall to wall concrete and a beautiful part of the Red Sea on the Gulf of Suez which is a migratory bird bottleneck and has even lopped off the top of a mountain, much to the horror of the raptors to build an astro-turf golf course! They make no concessions to the surrounding landscape and their architecture can only be described as a ‘carnival of kitsch’.

Details about the IBA site and the petition are able at STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF THE LAKE QARUN PROTECTED ...
www.petitiononline.com/nce3/ -

Thank you