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    Default NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH on Scilly

    Following the Garrison RED-EYED VIREO in Ren Hathway's back Sallyport garden, the famous archipelago of Scilly Islands now has another Nearctic passerine to flavour - in the form of a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH on St Mary's elusively skulking in vegetation on Lower Moors and viewable from the Bird Club hide therein.

    I have contemplated Louisiana Waterthrush previously on Scilly, particularly when one turned up as early as the end of August. However, with that particular individual showing so well on St Agnes, those theories were soon put to bed and proof that the species could cross the Atlantic so early in the autumn, despite being a much later passage migrant in North America on average, was readily achieved. As such, my expectations with this latest arrival were that it will be another Northern once seen well.

    As many as 10 twitchers will be on today's Scillonian sailing, already fired up by last night's announcement of the bird.

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    to read all the first-hand excitement, spider's blog is a good read:
    seen a lot of scilly-bashing in recent years, so nice to see it in a purple patch.

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    Yes, good for Scilly. All those who have found memories from the early 80s have been a little bit sad at all the bashing it's taken recently.

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