We had one of the best ever seawatches at Estaca de Bares (Galicia, NW Spain) yesterday, 18-9-2011, being specially noteworthy the number of Roseate Terns seen ( 137, mostly adults, which represents nearly 8% of the known european, outside Madeira and Azores, adult breeding population, passing by in a single day), as well as the number of Skuas (2.352, inc. 650 Pomarines and 357 LTs) We also had, again, 2 close Pterodromas on the weekend, this time probably "Fea´s types": apparently large billed, with almost fully dark underwing and looking relatively big and heavy in comparison with Manxies.
Some numbers, from sunday:
Gannet- 4.110
Manx Shearwater – 27.284 (not counted all day long, so probably 40.000 passed through)
Cory´s – 120
Sooty Shearwater – 1.586
Great Shearwater - 48 (suprisingly very low numbers)
Bonxie – 949
Pomarine SKua – 650
Arctic Skua – 395
LT Skua – 357
Sabine´s Gull - 52
“Commic” tern – 2.743, plus nearly a thousand more Commons and Arctics identified
Roseate Tern- 137
Sandwich Tern – 628
Pterodroma sp – 1 (and we also had another one on saturday. 10 birds already this year at Estaca)
Northern Fulmar – 3 (very scarce in Spain)
Wilson´s Petrel - 3

Observers: Ricardo Hevia, Daniel López Velasco, Dave McAdams, Antonio Sandoval, David Martinez Lago, etc...
All the best,