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Thread: Birding apps for Android?

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    Default Birding apps for Android?

    Hello fellow birders!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Android birding apps that cover the whole world? Or at least Europe and the Americas (N & S)?

    It seems like the best apps out there cover just North America (e.g., Audubon Birds, Sibley Birds of North America, iBird, etc.), but I'd like something I can use when traveling internationally.

    Basically, I'm looking for an app that lists local species for wherever I'm traveling, ideally with local bird names so I can talk to people there about them, and allows me to store my sightings in some sort of list. If it's a good app, I'd be willing to spend a few dollars, but probably not more than $10 or so.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    You can get the occasional check list such as the one on the link below.

    You can also get an Australian app similar to Sibley

    and South Africa

    It seems most "World wide" apps only cover the odd species in a few of the families.

    Does any one know of a good app for the Western P or Europe?

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