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Thread: #birding mega Long-toed Stint Weir Wood Reservoir East Sussex

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    Default #birding mega Long-toed Stint Weir Wood Reservoir East Sussex

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    notes from Lee - it's been around for a while eh?


    and this was posted on SOS site last night but seems to have been taken down:


    Concerning the stint at the west end of Weir Wood Reservoir, for the last two days or so I've had concerns about its' identity. One thing I'm sure of is that it's not a Temminck's Stint. It has pale legs so this leaves us either Least Sandpiper or Long-toed Stint. The problem is the distance involved, 600 yards or so and the fact that these two birds are very rare indeed. Certain features have been noted, it has a warm brown crown, shows a supercilium, and has what looks like a full breast patch. It is front heavy, quite leggy and when feeding is slow and deliberate with the tail held high, doesn't seem to show 'braces' on the mantle and is a juvenile. A few birders were present this evening but no conclusion was drawn, the distance being a real issue, similarity with both Wilson Phalarope and Wood Sandpiper in actions were spoken of, just in miniature of course. Short of record shots or better photos it's possibly going to stay unidentified.

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    Default lens caps

    If anyone picked up a Carl Zeiss scope lens cap and rain cap at the stint this evening I'd be grateful to be reaquainted with them - please contact me at Many thanks

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    I have to say from those photos, the bird does look quite long-legged doesn't it and feels different from a Least (having read some of the doubting comments on birdforum).

    this video from Spain is quite nice - any more photos or video of the Sussex bird?
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    Your items have been found - please contact me for details (

    Best wishes


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