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Thread: Unknown Cinclodes: any ideas?

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    Default Unknown Cinclodes: any ideas?

    The attached images of a Cinclodes species were taken on the tourist vessel Explorer II, at Shag Rocks, South Georgia in December 2006 (the bright green grass is Astroturf on the deck!). This is the first record of a Cinclodes for South Georgia, and thus (to my knowledge) for Antarctica. I suspect this is either a Grey-flanked Cinclodes or a Dark-bellied Cinclodes, and I favour the latter on the basis of the bill structure and size. Another possibility is Buff-winged (the southern form/species of Bar-winged), but this bird seems to me to be too dark overall for this species. However I would welcome an opinion from anyone more experienced with this group than myself. Many thanks, Andy.

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    Well given the proximity to the Falklands one might have figured the Tussock-bird, but immediately eliminated for the presence of the white supercilium. The recently split Buff-winged (Cinclodes fuscus)have an overall brownish color scheme, also on the flanks, so forget him. It leaves, as you have indicated, oustaleti, and patagonicus. I have photos of the southerly ranging patagonicus patagonicus in my DB, and I though I have photos of birds with a greyish-brown crown, I do not have birds demonstrating this overall dorsally greyish color scheme. My best guess is that this is the most southerly ranging race of oustaleti, i.e., C. oustaleti hornensis, the description of which offers "darker grey above, much less richly colored, also greyer and less brown below, especially on flanks" Op.cit.: HBW-8, P. 255.

    A mention about the bill. Were we talking about the bill respect to that of patagonicus, the differential ID would have it that it is generally smaller, and has a smaller, finer bill respect to patagonicus, however, "form hornensis, restricted to Cape Horn and other Fuegian islands, is larger with a larger bill". Op.cit.: Birds of Chile, Jaramillo, P. 162.

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    Many thanks for this. I suspect you have hit the nail on the head with the suggestion of the southern form (hornensis) of Grey-flanked. As far as I am aware the bird did not sail with the vessel from Patagonia, but arrived on board in the Shag Rocks area, which suggests a wind-blown vagrant. Andy.

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