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Thread: Unprecedented arrival of BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS on this side of the 'pond'

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    Default Unprecedented arrival of BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS on this side of the 'pond'

    Killian Mullarney painstakingly counted no less than 23 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS at Tacumshin Lake, County Wexford, Ireland, yesterday before realising later from his flight shots that there were actually 26 - amazing - and by far the largest flock ever encountered in Europe (and finally knocking into touch the 16 that I and many others enjoyed on St Mary's Airfield in the late 1970's)(that same location had housed 8 juveniles earlier this month).

    Ricard Guttierez also emailed to say that he had no less than 11 birds at the Ebro Delta, Tarragona, in northern SPAIN on Sunday - another record

    This is many more Buff-breasted Sandpipers than the average North America birder encounters in the fall !

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    Photograph of the 26 is here -

    Apparently now 28 being seen.

    Brian S

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    Sounds like there won't be any left on the other side of the 'pond'.

    Just looked at the photo. Very helpful of him to number them. I ran out of fingers and toes.
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