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    I have joined to see if anyone can help me identify a bird I saw about a fortnight ago in Northern France.

    I am not a bird person but I do know a few but this one I have never seen before.

    Please help. Driving me mad.

    I spotted it early one morning sitting in the branches of a dead tree which had fallen into the Nantes Brest canal. First impression was of an eagle! It had the eagle type head of black feathers coming down to its body. It had a very long beak which I first thought had a fish in it it was so long. It curved down a little at the end. It had a creamy/beige speckled breast. It was big. Owl size I imagine. It never moved so I didn`t see it`s back or wings, feet etc.

    I have tried to identify it and the closest I can see on this site is the Hobby or the Red Footed Falcon because of the breast but the head and the beak are nothing like......

    Any ideas??

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    Maybe a heron of some sort? Did it look anything like this?

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