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    Help - sat on balcony this aft at 15.50 Bird of prey overhead at a ht of 150 ft . Very broad wings with long tail and relatively small head. About 1.5 x size of Sparrow hawk . Most distinguishing features were a long tail which looked light grey with a distinct dark band at the tip. Part of the underwing looked light brown , with a barred breast .

    can anyone provide any I D ?

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    As it was overhead it would be very hard to judge height accurately, so you don't really know it was 150 ft because you have no reference points. As such, you wouldn't be able to tell how big it was. Even if you could, at 150 ft telling the difference between a 40 cm bird and a 60 cm bird would be quite some feat.

    Very probably a Sparrowhawk.

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    Agreed - it's impossible to gauge size accurately. Even if you could I think a large Sparrowhawk might appear to be getting on for 1.5 x the size of a small one. Sadly there isn't anything in the details here that point towards Goshawk or away from the very much more likely Sparrowhawk.

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