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Thread: Some rare species in a trip in Southern Egypt

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    Default Some rare species in a trip in Southern Egypt

    hello everyone
    I' ve spent a week in South Egypt. from september 17th to 24th, with some friends
    The total checklist of bird species contacted during the tour is 137, and I' ve taken pictures of more than 67 species. Among the most interesting there are: Black-winged Kite,,Egyptian Vulture, LAPPET-FACED VULTURE, Sooty Falcon,Corn Crake, CRAB PLOVER, White-tailed Lapwing , Lesser Crested Tern
    White-cheeked Tern , Bridled Tern , African Collared Dove , Namaqua Dove
    Pied Kingfisher , Green Bee-eater , Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Greater Hoopoe Lark, Thrush Nightingale, Masked Shrike, Steppe Grey Shrike, Cretzschmar's Bunting and many other

    Here you can find some shots and if you want to see the full photoreport with the shots of 50 species + landscape please go to:

    Black-winged Kite-CRAB PLOVER-Pied Kingfisher- Steppe Grey Shrike- Egyptian Vulture
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    I'm sorry
    in a hurry I forgot another great rarity
    Intermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia)
    should be the second to Egypt, unfortunately I have only one shot and not too good
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