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Thread: How clean is your nestbox?

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    Default How clean is your nestbox?

    If you have a spare moment between some last minute sunbathing and a late bonus BBQ this weekend, give some thought to your garden wildlife, says the RSPB.


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    I've yet to see any good evidence showing the benefit of washing out nestboxes with "warm soapy water", as opposed to just leaving them alone. Birds are quite able to clean out boxes themselves, in spring, when the contents will have rotted down naturally. They can also carry parasite loads in with them, making the cleaning out of boxes a bit pointless. And nobody has been washing out natural tree holes all these years.

    I checked several nestboxes today, and they were harbouring wintering woodmice, moths and other insects using the old nests; "garden wildlife" involves more than Blue Tits, and a bath of warm soapy water wont do any of them much good right now! Not quite sure what this 'advice' is based upon.

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