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Thread: Lanius collurio or ?

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    Default Lanius collurio or ?

    On behalf of Danish birder Henrik Knudsen, I post a question concerning this photo of a pale Shrike photographed in western Denmark (Blaavand) on August 13, 2011.

    The Shrike was noted as a sandy brown, 'red-tailed', female-type Red-backed Shrike without barring on the mantle, and with a pale base to lower mandible.

    As the bird shows characters leading (some)ones thoughts towards Turkestan (phoenicuroides), the observer asks: how common are pale R-b Shrikes and how is the ID pinned down safely?

    The bird was photographed, and not seen subsequently.

    Comments on the ID (from birders with experience with 1st winter Turkestan) are very much appreciated.

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    Think I'd agree with Jens' comment there, slightly leucistic Red-backed.

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