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    Apparently the Sandhill Crane has disappeared recently.
    Are there any details about the last movements of the bird? (direction?)
    Has the bird followed a southeasterly direction when it flew from the north of Britain to the south? (or has the bird followed the coastline all the way?)
    We should probably start looking at the Belgium coast I guess.

    Johan Buckens,

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    Apparently it flew off high to the south at 10.25 on Friday, from Boyton in Suffolk where it had been since last Sunday. Previously it had worked its way south down the Scottish and English east coast - if it continued doing so I guess it will have bypassed Belgium and channel hopped to France, but worth keeping your eyes out anyway!

    As I was leaving for a week's holiday in Cornwall last Friday I predicted that it would reach my home county of Norfolk on Saturday and then stay there until Friday - I wasn't far out as it did indeed appear in Norfolk on Saturday and remained in the adjacent county until Friday! Now I'm hoping it did a u-turn and turns up with the Norfolk Cranes, but I don't suppose that's very likely.

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