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Thread: Smally on Shetland

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    Default Smally on Shetland

    Smally on Shetland and Fair Isle with David and Judd

    My two weeks adventure on Shetland with Shetland Wildlife - - will soon be posted on Surfbirds. As an appetiser, here is a list of some of the highlights

    Pallid Harrier - 2
    Olive-backed Pipit - 3
    Isabelline Shrike - 2
    Lanceolated Warbler
    Blyth's Reed Warbler
    Citrine Wagtail - 2
    Alpine Swift
    Little Bunting - 2
    American Golden Plover
    Buff-bellied Pipit

    The Olive-backed Pipit on Unst and the Isabelline Shrike at Hillwell gave 'pornographic' views and there are a couple of videos on youtube
    OBP -
    Issy Shrike -

    Brian S
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    Nice shots, thanks Brian!

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