Hi all,

Big Year mania continues, but in a laid-back, tempered fashion at NABb.

John Puschock saw the movie and offers a rather balanced and insightful (if sleep-deprived) review.

Ali Iyoob checks in from North Carolina where he discovered and photographed that state's first record of Violet-green Swallow.

Skrentny and I ran two big days recently (one in September and one in October), setting two back-to-back state records (or did we?). I also contemplate how participating as a big day team member makes you a better birder.

Speaking of Skrentny, he's been at the hawkwatch every Friday, and has been filling us in on what they are seeing come through extreme northeast Illinois.

Check it all out at North American Birding: http://www.nabirding.com


-greg neise
Berwyn, IL