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Thread: Hermit Thrush - in the yard

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    Default Hermit Thrush - in the yard

    Gill, Western Massachusetts: Nice flight of Hermit Thrushes this morning, with multiple birds heard calling through the fog around dawn. Later, in mid-morning, this bird appeared right outside the kitchen window!

    I just love October. Beautiful atmosphere with new birds appearing everyday!

    Best birding,

    James P. Smith
    Amherst, MA.

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    Nice atmospheric photos. Have not had a Hermit Thrush yet this fall but the Audubon's Warblers have just started to arrive in numbers (a little later than normal). Am envious of the Swamp Sparrows in your yard.

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    Congrats on your Pink-footed Goose find!

    I'm curious if the Salton Sea Bean Goose will return this winter.

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