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Thread: Varanger surfbirds, photos + new blog

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    Default Varanger surfbirds, photos + new blog

    Hello all!

    Registered at Surfbirds for quite a long time ago. About time to make a new post here: I have been initiating and working with various bird conservation projects in Varanger for more then two years now, and have been very busy with that. There are perhaps no more then 6-7 resident birders in Finnmark (`Arctic Norway┤), but several thousand birders visit this region every year. I am engaged in making people in Varanger more aware of its spectacular birdlife. As an architect and birder (for twenty years now) me and my wife are running our own pro-nature architect office. Basically we are making bird hides, wind shelters and other birder fascilities. We also engage in different regional development projects, allways with a focus on birds and birding. Birding and nature based tourism really have positive effect in Varanger and we are working on making Varanger more accesible and enjoyable for birders. Simply put - a well placed wind shelter will make your birding a lot better in the icy arctic winds..

    This post is to let you know about our new blog (

    We havent had the time to make many posts yet, but at least we have finally found the time to make this blog where we will post news and photos from our projects in Varanger - lots of bird news off course.

    We have so far made a post with a few Red-necked Phalarope photos that are not to bad - had a great day with Phalarope photography in Vard° this August - true birds of the surf! Also there is a Varanger trip report on the blog.

    I will keep posting from Varanger. Hope you enjoy it..

    Best wishes


    birder & architect, living in Varanger

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    Nice idea, but it wouldn't work here - the local kids would use it as a latrine and arson-testing unit.

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