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Thread: Heading toward Auckland

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    Default Heading toward Auckland

    We are now coming to the end of our tour through Zealand again can I ask for confirmation of these pictures please.

    Picture one I am not positive about, picture 2 and 3 are probably the same bird and at the end of my camera zoom. Picture five is similar to other pictures of Pied Oyster-catchers I have taken but this bird looks taller more slender and has a black beak.

    1 Chaffinch taken Kalkoura
    2. Dont know taken North Island
    3. Dont know
    4. Spoonbill taken north Island
    5. Pied Oyster-catcher taken North Island

    Thanks for all the help so far.

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    1 yep
    2 & 3 Australasian (or Swamp) Harrier
    4 yep, Royal Spoonbill
    5 White-headed/Black-winged/Pied Stilt - depending on which way you split them

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    Thanks again


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