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Thread: Great Grey Shrike at Haverholme Park, Lincs

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    Default Great Grey Shrike at Haverholme Park, Lincs

    Just intended to walk the dog down by the river at Haverholme Park and to take a few pictures of the Buzzards that frequent the area.

    Was very lucky and surprised to see a Great Grey Shrike in the area as well. Also saw the first Fieldfares this winter.



    Pics are here, not the best as the bird was pretty distant.
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    Well done. Here's a direct link

    Brian S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelly View Post
    Pics are here, not the best as the bird was pretty distant.

    Way too modest, Joe! Ye not only find the bugger; Ye get great shots too? I'd give my right arm .....

    My Fieldfares arrived on Thursday, by the way. One day, nothing. Next; flock of anything up to a hundred! So many berries out there, I don't think they quite know what to do with themselves yet.

    Cracking work on that shrike though

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    Very nice!

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