Hi all,

Well, it has been busy, busy BUSY at NABb this past week with a lot of great new posts from the bloggers you all know and love...so let's jump right in:

John Puschock continues with reports from his recent trip to Barrow, AK. This time, it's all about Ivory Gulls: http://bit.ly/saoAGI

In my ongoing series of interviews with current ABA Big Year record holder Sandy Komito, he talks about his nemesis bird in 1998, others that got away and a bit about his listing ethic: http://bit.ly/td6bRJ

Tim O'Connell tells us how Franklin's Gull got it's name: http://bit.ly/rW1Ywy

The eBird bloggers are curious if the recent sightings of Ash-throated Flycatchers in the east could be a result of the severe drought in Texas: http://bit.ly/tbkrtA

The Two Fisted Bird Watcher contemplates birds and dinosaurs: http://bit.ly/uyz4h8

Tim O'Connell takes his kids to see the movie, The Big Year: http://bit.ly/sHyCL5

Jeff Skrentny and I get out for a quick morning of list-ticking, that included a 5th state record for Illinois: http://bit.ly/rE1N8B

Like I said...a lot going on! Check it all out at North American Birding: http://www.nabirding.com/