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Thread: Question over Rusty Blackbird vs Brewer's

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    Default Question over Rusty Blackbird vs Brewer's

    Last week in Massachusetts I had prolonged but distant views of blackbird apparently lacking in any rufous fringing to the feathers at all. It looked smooth glossy black with a hint of purple gloss across the chest. All of the rusties that I see at this time of year are just that - 'rusty' blackbirds! In fact, the bird looked at lot like the male Brewer's Blackbirds that I'd seen just six weeks previously in California. Brewer's Blackbird would be outstanding bird for Western Massachusetts so my approach is a cautious one.

    I was wondering if anyone could field images of male Rusty Blackbirds in November, lacking or nearly lacking any rusty fringes to the feathers, in other words appearing much like a breeding plumage male?

    I was viewing and digi-scoping from the far side of a canal and couldn't get any closer, so the images are very poor indeed but at least give an impression of what I saw;

    Any thoughts/comments would be most welcome.

    Best birding to all,


    James P. Smith
    Amherst, MA.

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    Hi James, we don't see many Rustys out here so I cannot be much use. ID frontiers has recently had good discussion about the structural characteristics based on a couple of recent CA birds

    Now, we have a bird in LA today - doesn't look wholly convincing as Rusty does it?

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