Hi all,

Lots going on at NABb, so let's jump right in:

In the last segment of our interview with current ABA Big Year record holder Sandy Komito, he explains that his 1998 total is 748 species, rather than 745, as is widely published (including in his own book): http://bit.ly/tXE4hM

eBird reports on a possible hybrid Harlan's X Rough-legged Hawk in Kansas: http://bit.ly/tVMjJX

Tim O'Connell monitors avian window collisions: http://bit.ly/u7dcT7

John Puschock files another report from Alaska...this one all about the star of Barrow, Ross' Gull: http://bit.ly/rPHrbx

Plus, we have a new Twitter feed (and hashtag) for rare birds in the ABA area: #abarare. Use it to get the word out about review species seen in your state or province.

Check it all out at North American Birding: http://www.nabirding.com/


-greg neise
Berwyn, IL