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Thread: Hello from Columbus, Ohio!

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    Hi everyone,

    My friends have told me over the years I have uncommon knowledge about birds...I've come to realize, I do!

    Not because I'm some sort of brainiac, but because my dads love of nature has rubbed off on me. For whatever reason I store this knowledge I hear along the way and birds happens to be a focal point.

    I'm realizing that sometimes I can not get some of the answers by searching the web as easily as I could if I just knew some other birders, birdwatchers...whichever term you prefer! So I thought I would join this forum to learn from the best!

    Thanks for having me and I apologize ahead of time for any silly questions I may have, remember...I'm just now embracing this hobby!

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    Hi Heather and welcome to the forum. Best, Andy

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