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Thread: Juvenile Ruff in Houston, Texas (and it is nor Reeve)

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    Default Juvenile Ruff in Houston, Texas (and it is nor Reeve)

    For some reasons (I would like to know them) some sites (including NARBA) are listing Ruff at El Franco Lee Park (Houston, Texas) as a female (Reeve). OK - there is a significant difference in size between the male`(Ruff) and the female (Reeve). He is 29–32 cm (11.4–12.6 in) long with a 54–60 cm (21.25–23.6 in) wingspan, and weighs about 180 g (6.4 oz). The female, or "reeve", is 22–26 cm (8.7–10.2 in) long with a 46–49 cm (18.1–19.32 in) wingspan, and weighs about 110 g (3.9 oz). So for example reeve is similar size, or smaller, than Lesser Yellowlegs (10 ½“), the ruff is larger but he is smaller than Greater Yellowlegs (14“). Below I included links to photos that clearly show size of the El Franco Lee bird and that is larger than LEYL and smaller than GRYL. BTW the Ruff shown up yesterday (Nov 25) but was far from the gazebo (ground is rapidly drying out and area under water is shrinking). If this place won’t get heavy rain or some pumped in water most birds will leave very soon, Ruff with them. Today there is a lot of rain in the forecast - this should help.

    OK, first a few selected photos of the juvenile male Ruff in decent light (unfortunately photos that are including other birds for size comparison were taken in a horrible light)

    And here is Ruff in company of other birds; first with both yellowlegs to make comparison easy:

    next to a Wilson’s Snipe:

    next to a Killdeer:

    next to a Northern Shoveler:

    I only posted a few photos and it might take a while before I will get complete selection ready.

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    Yep, an obvious male.

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