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Thread: Large White-headed Gulls

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    Default Large White-headed Gulls

    The number of Large White-headed Gulls in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia are now building up with good numbers at many sites, although they are difficult to get close to and difficult to identify.

    As a result I have created a spread-sheet and documented other details in an attempt to identify the main features and occurrence of the Large White-headed Gulls in Saudi Arabia. Information has been gathered from many sources which are referenced at the end of the page along with a set of links to other information used.

    The link to the information is here for those who may be interested.

    The idea is to gather all the data possible on Large White–headed Gulls in the Saudi Arabian area and put it in a single place for easy reference. This is a work in progress and any constructive criticism, corrections of errors or other advice to improve / correct the data is very welcome as I am certain there are many birders who have a greater knowledge of these species than me and I am also certain I have not got all the details. As I learn more on the birds out here I will update this page and if I can get good quality photographs of some of the species I will add these also.

    Anyone who would like to use this information elswhere, if it is useful, can do so freely.


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    Hi Jem.

    Thanks for the LWHG link. Seems like an exellent idea. I will as soon as possible have a throughout look at it.



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