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Ivory Gull, Germany, St. Peter Ording , 17/01/2017
A picture from the bird when it was in a slightly better state. It was found dead on 20/01.

Joachim Bertrands

Amateur photographer

© Joachim Bertrands
Siberian Accentor, Hungary, Surany, Jan. 19, 2017

After a massive winter-long invasion of this species across northern Europe, Hungary finally .... FINALLY has its first! Many thanks to Molnar Lidia for a spectacular find!

Daniel Bastaja

Amateur photographer

© Daniel Bastaja
iceland gull, schleswig holstein, st peter ording, 16.01.2017

present sine few days

thomas hansen

Amateur photographer
© thomas hansen germany
ivory gull, schleswig holstein, tümlauer bucht, 16.01.2017

present since 30.12.2016(hallig hooge)

thomas hansen

Amateur photographer
© thomas hansen germany
Melanitta perspicillata, France, La Ferte-Bernard, 16 january 2017

Carnets Naturalistes Sarthois

Christian Kerihuel

Amateur photographer
© Christian Kerihuel France
Desert Wheatear, Spain, Ebro Delta, 11/1/2017

Found by Yago Brugnoli

Fran Trabalon

Amateur photographer
© Fran Trabalon
Sociable Lapwing, Spain, Ebro Delta, 11/1/2017

Found by Ferran Broto on 19th december.

Fran Trabalon

Amateur photographer
© Fran Trabalon
Rüppell´s Griffon, Cádiz, Tarifa, 07/01/2017
Same bird observed at the same site in december 2016

Javier Elorriaga/Birding The Strait

Amateur photographer
http://!/javi.elorriaga Ornithologist and bird guide in the Strait of Gibraltar.
© Javier Elorriaga/Birding The Strait Spain
Pacific golden plover (Pluvialis fulva), Italy, Lake of Como, 09/01/2017

14th for Italy, maybe only the 4th post 2000.

Luca Giussani

Amateur photographer
See also my flickr profile and old videos at following links:
© Luca Giussani Italy
Posible Hembra Sylvia cantillans cantillansi, Spain, Lanzarote, 04/01/2017

Juan Sagardia

Amateur photographer

© Juan Sagardia
Slavonian Grebe, Israel, kfar-Rupin Biet Shean Vallye, 3.1.17

The 3rd bird for this winter and the 5th for Israel.

© Tuvia Kahn
Moussier's Redstart, female, Malta, Malta, 02 January 2017

Birding in Malta
Moussier's Redstarts are very rare visitors from North Africa to Malta.

Raymond Galea

Amateur photographer

© Raymond Galea
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