Colombia - The Colombian Andes, February 2017, author Manu Expeditions (added June 24, 2017)
(Colombia, Cauca Guan, Bogota Rail, Buffy Helmetcrest, Grayish Piculet, Brown-banded Antpitta, Pale-bellied Tapaculo, Apolinar's Wren, Munchique Wood-wren, Black and Gold Tanager, Crested Ant-tanager, Golden-fronted Whitestart, Velvet-fronted Euphonia.)

Nepal - May 4th - 13th 2017, author Thad Roller (added June 19, 2017)
(Everest Base Camp, Sagarmatha, Mount Everest, Himalayan Monal, Tibetan Snowcock, )

Colombia - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta & Guajira peninsula, February 2017, author Manu Expeditions (added June 19, 2017)
(Colombia, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Guajira peninsula, White-tailed Starfrontlet, Santa Marta Antpitta, Santa Marta Tapaculo, Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner, Streak-capped Spinetail, Santa Marta Mountain-tanager, Sierra Nevada Brush-finch, Santa Marta Wa)