Belize, Chan Chich Lodge and Pook's Hill Lodge

Published by Christopher Lovell (ctlovell AT

Participants: Christopher Lovell, Shirley Lovell


Chan Chich Lodge and Pook's Hill Lodge are 2 amazing places in the tropical paradise that is Belize. 152 species in 5 days which were not dedicated solely to birding but also included archaelogical tourism, caving, tubing, mammal sightings and hiking. Chan Chich is as luxurious a destination as one could want, the fact that it is in the middle of 300,000 acres of primary rainforest makes it even more amazing!! Pook's Hill Lodge is a wonderful place as well!! Both of these places are highly recommended! Trip coordinated by Wilderness Travel, Berkeley CA and lead by Federico Munoz, owner of Terra Viva in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica.