Panama - Eastern Panama Birds - 17th - 18th July 2007

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Participants: Jose Carlos Garcia (Birding Panama), Carol Thomson ((Department of Environmental Science-Tarleton State University)


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Orange-Crowned Oriole
Orange-Crowned Oriole
Red-Rumped Woodpecker
Red-Rumped Woodpecker
Plumbeous Kite
Plumbeous Kite


The eastern region of Panama contains unique avian species not found in the rest of central america, some species are mostly related to south american birds. The avifauna in this region is highly diverse. The areas covered in this report are: Cerro azul foothills, Tocumen marsh , Nusagandi foothills and Bayano lowlands.

Description of Sites

Cerro Azul:

On the east side of the Panama Canal is  Cerro Azul Foothills, contiguous to the Chagres National Park. This is one of the areas mostly visited by birders looking to add new species on their life list. The place is located only one hour from Panama City, and the area that is most visited is the Altos de Cerro Azul Community.

Tocumen Marsh:

This is a private rice field plantation located in the Tocumen marsh area, next to the Tocumen International Airport. It is only 20 minutes drive from down town panama city.The area contains several ditches and small ponds good to find attractive herons like Cocoi Heron, Capped Heron, Boat-Billed Heron and Black-Crowned Night-Heron. Some Raptors include: Savanna Hawk, Great-Black Hawk, Short-Tailed Hawk, and Crested Caracaras.


This is a wild preserve manage by the Kuna Indians in their vast forested mainland territory. The site is two hours driving from Panama City, and it is located in the lower foothills of Kuna Yala. The lower position of  the continental divide   and the local weather conditions makes possible to find  several foothills species found at higher elevations in other places of panama  like: White-Ruffed Manakin,Tawny-Capped Euphonia,Bay-Headed Tanager,Black-and-Yellow Tanager and ,Rufous Wing tanagers.


The Bayano lowland forests are located in the eastern part of panama province, within the Maje Reserve,  one hour and half away from panama city. This forests protect the Bayano River which is a major river in eastern Panama.


First Day: Cerro Azul Foothills/ Tocumen Marsh - July 17/2007

Second Day: Nusagandi Foothills/Bayano Lowlands - July 18/2007

Notable Species:  Rufous Crested Coquette, Capped Heron, Black Antshrike, Orange Crowned Oriole, Striped Throated Wren, Red Rumped Woodpecker, Pale Breasted Spinetail, Capped Heron, Savanna Hawk.

Travel in Car: One hour from Panama City on the first day / Two Hours from Panama City on the second day.

Species Lists

Cerro Azul(CA)
Tocumen Marsh(TM)

1. Wattled Jacana TM,
2. Little Tinamou BA Heard only
3. Capped Heron TM
4. Cocoi Heron TM, BA
5. Green Heron TM, BA
6. Striated Heron TM
7. Boat-Billed Heron TM
8. Black-Crowned Night-Heron TM
9. Great Egret TM
10. Snowy Egret TM
11. Cattle Egret TM, BA
12. Little-Blue Heron TM
13. White Ibis TM
14. Wood Stork TM
15. Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks TM, BA
16. Muscovy Duck TM
17. Purple Gallinule TM
18. Anhinga TM
19. Southern Lapwing TM
20. Bat Falcon BA
21. Roadside Hawk TM
22. Great-Black Hawk TM
23. Savanna Hawk TM
24. Yellow-Headed Caracara TM
25. Crested Caracara TM
26. White-Tailed Kite TM, BA
27. Plumbeus Kite NU
28. American Kestrel BA
29. Turkey Vulture TM,BA,NU
30. Black Vulture TM,BA, NU, CA
31. Scaled Pigeon CA Herd
32. Ruddy-Ground Dove TM,BA,CA
33. Blue-Ground Dove BA, NU
34. Plain-Breasted Ground Dove TM
35. Gray-Chested Dove CA herd
36. Orange-Chinned Parakeets TM,BA,CA
37. Blue-Headed Parrot TM,NU,CA
38. Red-Lored Amazon NU,CA
39. Squirrel Cuckoo NU
40. Sapphire-Throated Hummingbird TM,NU
41. Violet-Crowned Woodnymph NU,CA
42. White-Necked Jacobin CA
43. Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird CA
44. Purple-Crowned Fairy NU
45. Rufous-Crested Coquette CA
46. Little Hermit NU,CA
47. Long-Billed Hermit NU
48. Green Hermit CA
49. Bronze-Tailed Plumeleteer CA
50. Pale-Breasted Spinetail TM
51. Slaty-Tailed Trogon BA herd
52. Black-Tailed Trogon BA herd
53. White-Tailed Trogon BA
54. Broad-Billed Motmot BA Herd
55. Great Jacamar NU herd
56. Ringed Kingfisher NU
57. Keel-Billed Toucan CA, NU
58. Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan CA ,NU
59. Black-Cheeked Woodpecker NU
60. Red-Crowned Woodpecker NU
61. Cinnamon Woodpecker NU
62. Striped-Cheeked Woodpecker NU heard
63. Lineated Woodpecker CA
64. Wedge-Billed Woodcreeper NU
65. Black-Striped Woodcreeper NU
66. Spotted Woodcreeper CA
67. Plain Xenops NU, CA
68. Slaty Antshrike NU,CA,BA
69. Fasciated Antshrike CA heard
70. Great Antshrike BA herd
71. Dusky Antbird BA herd
72. Checker-Throated Antwren BA
73. Chestnut-Backed Antbird NU
74. Bicolored Antbird BA herd
75. Tropical Kingbird NU,CA,TM,BA
76. Social Flycatcher TM,NU
77. Streak Flycatcher BA NU
78. Boat-Billed Flycatcher CA
79. Sulphur-Rumped Flycatcher NU
80. Greenish Elaenia BA
81. Forest Elaenia BA
82. Dusky-Capped Flycatcher NU
83. Royal Flycatcher BA
84. Olive-Striped Flycatcher CA,NU
85. Olivaceus Flatbill BA
86. Yellow-Bellied Elaenia CA, TM
87. Southern BentBill BA
88. Paltry Tyrannulet CA
89. Common-Tody Flycatcher CA
90. Scale-Crested Pygmy-Tyrant CA
91. Rufous Mourner BA
92. Rufous Piha NU herd
93. Blue-Crowned Manakin BA,NU
94. White-Ruffed Manakin CA
95. Golden-Collared Manakin BA
96. Red-Capped Manakin BA herd
97. Plain Wren CA, TM herd
98. White-Breasted Wood-wren CA heard
99. Gray-Breasted Wood-wren CA heard
100. House Wren CA
101. Clay-Colored Thrush CA,NU,TM
102. Tropical Gnatcatcher CA
103. Long-Billed Gnatwren Ca
104. Scrub Greenlet TM
105. Green Honeycreeper CA,NU
106. Blue Dacnis CA,NU
107. Red-Legged Honeycreeper NU
108. Shinning HoneyCreeper CA,NU
109. Bananaquit CA,NU
110. Scarlet-Thighed Dacnis NU
111. Fulvous-Vented Euphonia CA,NU
112. Yellow-Crowned Euphonia CA,NU,TM,BA
113. Tawny-Capped Euphonia NU
114. Thick-Billed Euphonia CA,NU,BA
115. Plain-Colored Tanager CA,NU
116. Emerald Tanager CA,NU
117. Speckled Tanager CA
118. Bay Headed Tanager CA, NU
119. Golden-Hooded Tanager CA,NU
120. Palm Tanager TM,CA,NU
121. Blue-Gray Tanager TM,CA,NU
122. Crimson-Backed Tanager CA
123. Olive Tanager NU
124. Hepatic Tanager CA
125. Red-Crowned Ant-Tanager CA
126. Sulphur-Rumped Tanager NU
127. Black and Yellow Tanager NU
128. Tawny-Crested Tanager NU
129. White-Shouldered Tanager CA
130. Gray-Headed Tanager BA
131. Streak Saltator CA
132. Slate-Colored Grosbeak CA
133. Blacked-Striped Sparrow CA,NU
134. Thick-Billed Seed-Finch CA
135. Variable Seed Eater TM
136. Yellow-Bellied Seed-Eater CA
137. Ruddy-Breasted Seed-Eater TM
138. Blue-Black Grassquit CA,NU,TM
139. Yellow-Faced Grassquit CA,BA
140. Orange-Crowned Oriole BA
141. Shiny Cowbird TM
142. Laughing Falcon BA heard
143. Smooth-Billed Ani TM CA
144. Short-Tailed Hawk CA
145. Black Antshrike BA
146. Striped-Throated Wren NU
147. Bay Wren NU
148. Gray-Breasted Martin BA,CA,TM
149. Southern Rough-Wing Swallow CA
150. Short-Tailed Swift CA,TM
151. Brown-Capped Tyranulet NU
152.Red-Rumped-Woodpecker BA

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