Goa - January 21st - February 4th 2007

Published by Chris Johnson (cgjohnson45 AT tiscali.co.uk)

Participants: C.G.Johnson


After birding Goa quite intensively in 2002, this was to be a non-birding GOA holiday spent with my wife at the Marinha Dourada, Arpora with birding being mainly done in a relaxed manner (admittedly with scope close to hand) from the hotel balcony, from which 72 species were recorded (including 9 species of raptor).

Baga Hill from the balcony

Baga Hill

The fish/prawn ponds and surrounding fields which were directly across the road from the hotel were also walked regularly and were very productive, with several species of wader being present. Also the bushes (centre of picture) held a large roost including Starlings, Weavers, Munias and Mynas.

The ponds across the road

The ponds across the road

Local visits were made up Baga Hill in the late afternoon on three occasions (walking the ridge along the top just once) and to Arpora Woods twice.

Also, the Beira Mar was visited twice for the last hour of daylight in order to try and pin down Cinnamon Bittern, a species which had eluded me on a previous visit in 2002. This proved successful on the second occasion, with the added bonus of a Slaty-breasted Rail being seen as well.

A passing visit was made to Morjim for a very quick look and a few other birds were picked up elsewhere whilst travelling.

Species Lists

(* balcony)

Indian Peafowl: A male and two females seen from the plane alongside the runway at Dabolim Airport

Mallard: A single at Spice Plantation (feral)

Rufous Woodpecker: One at Baga Hill

Black-rumped Flameback:* Two at Marinha Dourada and one at Arpora Woods

White-cheeked Barbet:* Seen and heard at Baga Hill and Marinha Dourada

Coppersmith Barbet: Seen and heard at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Indian Roller: One from the bus en route to the Airport

Common Kingfisher:* Common

Stork-billed Kingfisher: Present on Marinha Dourada Ponds

White-throated Kingfisher:* Present around Marinha Dourada and elsewhere

Black-capped Kingfisher: One on rocks at the mouth of Baga River

Pied Kingfisher:* Two seen from Marinha Dourada

Green Bee-Eater:* Common

Blue-tailed Bee-Eater:* Seen regularly

Asian Koel:* Seen and heard regularly at Baga Hill

Greater Coucal:* Two at Marinha Dourada and one at Spice Plantation

Alexandrine Parakeet:* Up to 4 seen most days from Marinha Dourada

Rose-ringed Parakeet:* Several seen daily

Plum-headed Parakeet:* 2+ over at Marinha Dourada and a pair near Sun Village

Asian Palm Swift:* Seen daily in good numbers

Little Swift:* Seen daily and also in the cloisters at Old Goa

Crested Treeswift:* At least two over Baga Hill

Barn Owl:* One flew past at Marinha Dourada

Spotted Owlet:* One present at Marinha Dourada

Rock Pigeon:*Common

Spotted Dove:* Present at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Slaty-breasted Rail: One at Beira Mar

White-breasted Waterhen: Seen at Beira Mar, Marinha Dourada Ponds and Spice Plantation

Ruddy-breasted Crake: One at Beira Mar

Snipe sp:* Two at Beira Mar and one at Marinha Dourada

Common Redshank:* c20 at Marinha Dourada Ponds throughout

Marsh Sandpiper:* c6 at Marinha Dourada Ponds throughout

Greenshank:*c6 at Marinha Dourada Ponds throughout

Green Sandpiper: Two at Beira Mar

Wood Sandpiper: 1-2 at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Common Sandpiper:* Common by all riversides.

Ruddy Turnstone: One on rocks near Baga River mouth

Little Stint:*Up to 10+ present at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Temminck's Stint: 4+ at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Small Pratincole: Up to six regularly at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Pacific Golden Plover:* 20+ present throughout at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Little Ringed Plover:* Present throughout at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Kentish Plover: 10+ at Morjim and Asvem

Lesser Sand Plover: 40+ roosting at Baga River mouth and also others at Morjim and Asvem

Red-wattled Lapwing: Present at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Caspian Gull: Present at Morjim and offshore from Baga and Asvem

Great Black-headed Gull: A few at Morjim and two by Baga

Brown-headed Gull: Plentiful being present at Morjim and offshore

Gull-billed Tern: A few seen along the Mandovi River

Lesser Crested Tern: Odd ones seen offshore

Osprey: One off the Baga River mouth

Black-winged Kite: One seen en route to the airport

Black Kite:* Numerous, with both govinda and lineatus noted

Brahminy Kite:*Common

White-bellied Sea Eagle:* A pair seen regularly over Baga Hill

Marsh Harrier: One near Spice Plantation

Shikra:* Seen on and over Baga Hill

Oriental Honey-Buzzard:* 3+ seen over Baga Hill

Indian Spotted Eagle:* 3 seen over Baga Hill

Tawny Eagle:* A pair seen over Baga Hill

Booted Eagle:* c4 seen over Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Changeable Hawk Eagle:* A pair seen well at Baga Hill

Little Cormorant:* Several daily over Marinha Dourada

Little Egret:* Plentiful

Western Reef Egret: Singles on rocks off Baga Hill and by Zuari River

Great Egret:*Regular over Marinha Dourada and at pools

Intermediate Egret:* Regular over Marinha Dourada and at Beira Mar

Cattle Egret:*Common throughout

Indian Pond Heron:* Common throughout

Grey Heron:* Small roost by Marinha Dourada

Purple Heron:*A single flew by the Marinha Dourada regularly

Striated Heron:* A regular at the Marinha Dourada waterfall and odd ones nearby

Black-crowned Night Heron: Two at Beira Mar

Cinnamon Bittern: A male seen at Beira Mar

Black-headed Ibis:* One seen flying over Baga Hill

Woolly-necked Stork:* Up to 6 daily over Marinha Dourada and nearby

Blue-winged Leafbird: Two at Arpora Woods

Long-tailed Shrike: Seen at Marinha Dourada Ponds and elsewhere

Rufous Treepie: One at Baga Hill

House Crow:* Common

Large-billed Crow:* Regular around Marinha Dourada area

Ashy Woodswallow:*6+ at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Golden Oriole:* Seen regularly at Baga Hill and over Marinha Dourada

Black-hooded Oriole: One at Arpora Woods

Small Minivet: Six at Baga Hill and four at Arpora Woods

White-throated Fantail: Two albogularis at Arpora Woods

Black Drongo:* Seen regularly around Marinha Dourada

Ashy Drongo: Present at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

White-bellied Drongo: One at Arpora Woods

Common Iora:*Seen at Marinha Dourada, Baga Hill and Aw

Common Woodshrike: Singles at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Blue Rock Thrush: One on coastal rocks off Baga Hill

Oriental Magpie Robin:* Seen at Marinha Dourada and Beira Mar

Indian Robin: Two on Baga Hill

Pied Bushchat:* Present at Marinha Dourada Ponds and elsewhere

Chestnut-tailed Starling:* Many present in roost at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Rose-coloured Starling:* c200 in roost at Marinha Dourada Ponds and present locally

Common Myna: Odd birds seen at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Jungle Myna:* Common

Barn Swallow:*Several present at Marinha Dourada

Wire-tailed Swallow:* Several present at Marinha Dourada

Red-rumped Swallow:* Common and the most numerous of the swallows.

Streak-throated Swallow: 2-3 over Marinha Dourada Ponds

Red-whiskered Bulbul:*Common

Red-vented Bulbul: 2-3 seen on Baga Hill

White-browed Bulbul: 1-2 at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Grey-breasted Prinia: Two at Arpora Woods

Ashy Prinia:* A pair in Marinha Dourada grounds

Zitting Cisticola: One at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Blyth’s Reed Warbler:* Seen regularly throughout

Clamorous Reed Warbler: Singles at Marinha Dourada Ponds and Beira Mar

Greenish Warbler: A single viridanus at Arpora Woods

Common Tailorbird:* Seen at Marinha Dourada and Arpora Woods

Tawny-bellied Babbler: A small party seen on Baga Hill

Brown-cheeked Fulvetta: Singles at Arpora Woods and Baga Hill

Malabar Lark: One over at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Thick-billed Flowerpecker:* Singles seen at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Purple-rumped Sunbird:* Seen throughout and the most common sunbird

Crimson-backed Sunbird: A male seen well at Arpora Woods

Purple Sunbird: Several at Baga Hill and Arpora Woods

Loten’s Sunbird: A male on Baga Hill

Crimson Sunbird: An eclipse male at Arpora Woods

House Sparrow:* Common

White-browed Wagtail:* A pair present at Marinha Dourada and seen elsewhere

Yellow Wagtail:*A single flyby at Marinha Dourada

Paddyfield Pipit: 3+ at Marinha Dourada Ponds

Baya Weaver:* 400+ in roost at Marinha Dourada Ponds

White-rumped Munia:* Present at Marinha Dourada and locally

Scaly-breasted Munia: 20+ in roost at Marinha Dourada Ponds