Canada - North-west Territories - Are you taking a birding trip in the North-west Territories or Nunavut?

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Why not contribute to our volunteer bird monitoring program? The NWT/NU Bird Checklist Survey needs you to contribute your trip observations.

The North-west Territories / Nunavut Bird Checklist Survey is a bird monitoring program that relies on the observation and reports of volunteers. It was initiated to collect much needed information on the distribution, abundance and breeding status of birds in the North-west Territories and Nunavut. It was initiated by Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service in 1995 as a response to needs identified in the Canadian Landbirds Monitoring Strategy.

Checklist data can provide a great deal of useful information that is otherwise difficult to collect in a large, remote area like the North. By working cooperatively with volunteers, a database of bird sightings is being used as baseline information for further studies, environmental assessments, more accurate mapping of bird distributions, and (if the database becomes large enough) detecting major bird population changes.

Data Requests

Information from the Checklist Database may be obtained by emailing us at Data can be sorted and retrieved by geographic coordinates, individual species, species groups, National Parks or Territory. The data is available at the Species Access Canada web site at, or from eBird Canada. These data may not be the most current, and are restricted to the data fields listed on the sites. While it is not continuously updated or comprehensive, it is a very quick way to answer questions about a certain area or species of interest.

For more information on our program or to download forms, visit our website: