Indonesia - Sumatra & Java, July 2008

Published by Romney Bathurst (croftess AT

Participants: Romney Bathurst, Daphne Gemmill, Bill Mueller, Susan Myers (leader)


This privately arranged trip was intended to seek out Sumatran and Javan endemics as well as more widely ranging birds, while not killing ourselves with super long days, little sleep and very basic accommodations. Susan Myers arranged and led a most successful trip for us in all regards, having been assisted with logistics in-country by IndonesiaEcoventure. We were warmly received throughout, weather was dry except for one evening and one afternoon, birds were great, of course. Susan's knowledge and experience with Indonesian birds, her language ability and understanding of local customs and culture, were essential to the excellent outcome of our first taste of Indonesia. We will return with her in Nov., to Sulawesi, Halmahera and Bali.

5 July: Jakarta area - Panambukan (Sheraton Bandara, Jakarta)

6 - 8 July: Gunung Gede, Cibodas Gardens (Novus Resort, Puncak)

9 - 10 July: Halimun (rangers' Guest House)

11 - 12 July: Carita & Pulau Dua (Krakatau Seaside Resort)- excellent food, quiet, waterfront

13 - 16 July: Way Kambas (Satwa Elephant EcoLodge) - highly recommended, very comfortable, excellent food

17 - 18 July: travel days

19 - 23 July: Kerinci & locale (Pak Subandi Homestay, Kersik Tua)- we were well fed and looked-after by the family

24 - 25 July: Tapan Road (Aroma Hotel, Sungai Penuh) - a definite improvement on the Busana Hotel

Endemics and other Highlight species:

Milky Stork - one in lake by Sheraton Bandara
Storm's Stork - 2 standing in the road in Way Kambas within 50 m.!
Sunda Teal - Panambukan & Palau Dua
White-winged Duck - 4 in the elephant swamps, Way Kambas
Javan Hawk-Eagle - 1 soaring above the forest at the guest house, Halimun
Blyth's Hawk-Eagle - Tapan Rd.
Black-thighed Falconets - unusually abundant, Way Kambas, also seen Halimun
Red-billed Partridge - 3 seen on two days on Kerinci
Ferruginous Partridge - heard only, Tapan Rd.
Great Argus - heard only, Way Kambas & Tapan Rd.
Crested Fireback - seen every day at Way Kambas
Salvadori's Pheasant - imm. male observed for 15 minutes on Kerinci trail above Air Minum
Sumatran Peacock-Pheasant - heard only, Tapan Rd.
Javan Plover - with chick, Palau Dua
Sumatran (Green Spectacled) Green-Pigeon - Scope views on Kerinci, also seen Tapan Rd.
Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon - Halimun
Cinnamon-headed Green Pigeon - along river at Way Kambas, on 2 days
Pink-headed Fruit-dove - heard only, Kerinci
Dark-backed Imperial Pigeon - scope views at Halimun
Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot - Way Kambas
Short-toed Coucal - Way Kambas
Sumatran Collared Owlet - Kerinci
Sunda Scops Owl - Way Kambas
Oriental Bay Owl - heard only, Way Kambas
Reddish Scops Owl - heard only, Way Kambas
Rajah Scops Owl - Kerinci
Large Frogmouth - Way Kambas
Gould's Frogmouth - Way Kambas
Bonaparte's Nightjar - very responsive to tape, Way Kambas
Salvadori's Nightjar - perched & in flight, around 9PM, forest edge near Kerinci trail entrance
Waterfall (Giant) Swiftlet - Letter W waterfall, coming in to roost ca. 6 PM, Kerinci area
Javan Trogon - seen on 2 days at Halimun
Sumatran Trogon - seen every day on Kerinci, also on Tapan Rd.
Small Blue Kingfisher - abundant at Panambukan, also seen Pulau Dua
Rufous-backed Kingfisher - scope views at Way Kambas
Red-bearded Bee-eater - Tapan Rd.
Wreathed, Rhinoceros, Helmeted Hornbills - Tapan Rd. (scope views of latter two perched)
Fire-tufted Barbet - abundant on Tapan Rd.!
Red-crowned Barbet - abundant in Way Kambas
Flame-fronted Barbet - Gunung Gede, abundant in Halimun
Black-banded Barbet - close overhead at Carita!
Brown Barbet (ss. hayi) - abundant at Way Kambas
Speckled Piculet - lengthy, close views Tapan Rd.
Sunda, Gray & Buff, Crimson-winged, Checker-throated Woodpeckers - outstanding views of all
Dusky Broadbill - common at Way Kambas
Green, Black and Red Broadbills - Way Kambas
Black and Yellow, Long-tailed Broadbills - 2 days on Tapan Rd.
Schneider's Pitta - seen by some on Kerinci
Graceful Pitta - seen by some on Tapan Rd.
Banded Pitta - one at Way Kambas, one at Carita
Bar-winged and Black-winged Flycatcher Shrike (latter seen on nest at Carita)
Sunda Minivet - abundant on Kerinci & Tapan Rd.
Sumatran Golden-fronted Leafbird (C.a. media) - Tapan Rd.
Blue-masked Leafbird - pair on Tapan Rd.
Sunda Bulbul - Halimun
Orange-spotted Bulbul - Gunung Gede boardwalk near waterfall
Spot-necked, Cream-striped, Scaly-breasted Bulbuls - Tapan Rd.
Sumatran Drongo - Kerinci and Tapan Rd.
Black & Crimson Oriole - common on Tapan Rd.
Crested Jay - Tapan Rd.
Sumatran Treepie - common on Tapan Rd.
Black Magpie (ss. leucopterus) - Way Kambas
Blue Nuthatch - a common component of mixed flocks
White-browed Shortwing, Lesser Shortwing - easily approached and seen on Kerinci
Rusty-breasted Wren-babbler - as above, seen and heard every day on Kerinci
Eye-browed Wren Babbler - Gunung Gede, Halimun, Kerinci
White-breasted Babbler Gunung Gede, Halimun
White-bibbed Babbler - Way Kambas
Spot-necked Babbler - Tapan Rd.
Crescent-chested Babbler - every day on Gunung Gede
Grey-cheeked Tit-babbler - Carita
Javan Fulvetta - Gunung Gede, Halimun
Spotted Crocias - Halimun - both days
Black Laughingthrush (G. lugubris) - Tapan Rd.
Sunda Robin - common on Kerinci
Sunda Forktail - one very tame, hanging around shelter at main fork in Gunung Gede Trail; 6 or more seen following night-time rain on Tapan Rd.
Javan Whistling Thrush - brief view at fruiting tree on Gunung Gede
Shiny Whistling-Thrush - Common on Kerinci, also Tapan Rd.
Chestnut-winged Whistling-Thrush - Letter W Waterfall, Kerinci area
Sunda Warbler - Gunung Gede, Kerinci
Javan Tesia - outstanding views each day on Gunung Gede
Sunda Bush-Warbler - Kerinci
Bar-winged Prinia - common on grounds of Sheraton Bandara Jakarta
Grey-chested Jungle-Flycatcher - Way Kambas
Pygmy Blue-Flycatcher - super views of male on Kerinci
Rufous-tailed Fantail - Gunung Gede
White-bellied Fantail - Halimun
Rufous-winged Philentoma - Tapan Rd.
Maroon-breasted Philentoma - Way Kambas
Purple-naped Sunbird - excellent views at Way Kambas, purple nape, rump and all!
White-flanked Sunbird - pair on two days, Gunung Gede
Javan Sunbird - Gunung Gede
Blood-breasted Flowerpecker - Gunung Gede
Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker - grounds of Sheraton Bandara Jakarta
Javan White-eye - Gunung Gede
Javan Grey-throated White-eye (Javan Ibon) - Gunung Gede
Sumatran Drongo - Kerinci, Tapan Rd.
Java Sparrow - seen by D. Gemmill, Pulau Dua
Javan Munia - Sheraton Bandara Jakarta, Pulau Dua
White-headed Munia - seen by R. Bathurst, Kerinci area fields
Black-faced Munia - pair nesting in eaves of Buminminang Hotel, Padang