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Participants: Nicola Scatassi, Max Biasioli, Andrea Corso by Cascina Picus - Skua Travels


A wonderful birding week in southern Sinai in early October 2008 with Andrea Corso as birding leader: more than 30 participants, probably the largest organised group from Italy ever to go birding abroad!

This trip followed two training courses on Raptor Identification realised by Cascina Picus in north western Italy led by Andrea Corso, and it was in fact the perfect occasion for more lessons in the field.

A highly successful trip with 160 species and thousands and thousands of migrating raptors: near Sharm and in Ras Mohammed National Park we witnessed the passage of enormous numbers of raptors, like 1700 Lesser Spotted Eagles in a few hours, huge flocks of Steppe Buzzards, several individuals of Imperial, Greater Spotted, Steppe, Booted, Bonelli' s and a single Tawny Eagle, most of them at very close range!. Together with Sooty Falcon, Pallid Harrier, Black Kites, Egyptian Vultures and many others.

Also a lot of migrating and resident passerines (with Siberian Stonechat) in desert shrubs and trees, and waders (25 species), gulls and terns (12 species) along the coasts, and of course thousands of White Storks and some Black Storks around Sharm.

A fantastic birding destination!

Nicola Scatassi

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