Louisiana, Grand Isle - 2nd April 2009

Published by Bernadette Straatmann (straab AT bellsouth.net)

Participants: Bernadette and Larry Straatmann


Arrived on the island early afternoon. Weather windy following an earlier heavy rain. Birded most all areas of with focus on forested portions as cover for birds (and humans) was important. All around good day of birding. A few species are listed below. Winds had turned late pm from strong southerly to north-westerly. A good to great birding day could be anticipated on Friday 4-3.

Species Lists

Scissor-tailed flycather, tanagers, orioles, Indigo buntings, Black-and- white warblers, Palm warblers, King birds, Louisiana Waterthrush, White-eyed vireo, Nashville warbler, Parulas, Hooded warbler, female American Redstart and others...