Northern Greece - September 18th - 25th 2013

Published by Mike Neale (mcnswiss AT

Participants: Mike Neale, Steve Skillman


Photos with this report (click to enlarge)

Little Owl
Little Owl
Black Stork
Black Stork
Griffon Vulture
Griffon Vulture
Short toed Eagle
Short toed Eagle
White Pelican
White Pelican

From the beginning we knew that September was not the best time of year for birding in Northern Greece. We used Dave Gosney guide "Finding birds in Greece" (completely out of date) and Steve Mills "Birdwatching in Northern Greece" as guides for areas. Driving conditions and weather were excellent.


Thessalonika Airport - Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini - War Memorial (near Bulgarian Border) - Promachonas
(Bulgarian Border)

Lake Kerkini - Nestos - Porto Lagos - Fanari - Dadia

Dadia - Lefkimi

Dadia - Evros Delta- Loutros Hill

Lake Ismarida - Porto Lagos - Thessalonika Airport.

The trip was a little disappointing despite our low expectations. Low populations of birds in all areas. The impact of Economical upheaval in Greece were clear. The spread of farming and fishing into the sensitive areas, with the anti-bird net etc was disappointing.The exteme shyness and nervousness of all the birds, suggesting that there is some hunting going on.

Evros Delta was a huge disappointment. The driving surfaces around the delta that were damaged in winter 2012 have not been repaired. The amenities around Dadia forest are still closed. Feeding the vultures has been reduced to once per week. Lake Koronia was completely drained. Several locals are trying very hard to support nature conservancy and Birdwing ( are very active. Great accommodation especially Thrassa Hotel.

Species Lists

(Several- up to 10; Common - up to 50)

1.Little Grebe: several Lake Kerkini / Porto Lagos

2. Great Crested Grebe: several Lake Kerkini / Porto Lagos

3. Great Cormorant: Common at Lake Kerkini, fishing in large groups.

4. Pygmy Cormorant: Common at Lake Kerkini

5. White Pelican: c60 at Lake Kerkini

6. Dalmatian Pelican: many 100s at Lake Kerkini

7. Night Heron: Several including Juveniles Lake Kerkini

8. Squacco Heron: Several at Lake Kerkini

9. Little Egret: Common

10. Great White Egret: common

11. Grey Heron: common

12. Black Stork: 3 Lake Kerkini

13. Glossy Ibis: Several Lake Kerkini

14. Spoonbill: Several Lake Kerkini

15. Greater Flamingo: many 100s Lake Kerkini / Porto Lagos

16. Mute Swan: 7 Porto Lagos

17. Shelduck: 4 Porto Lagos

18. Teal: several Lake Kerkini

19. Gadwall: 2 Porto Lagos

20. Mallard: common

21. Shoveler: 1 Lake Kerkini

22. Ferruginous Duck: 3 Lake Kerkini

23. Griffon Vulture: 2 at Dadia Radio Mast (Lefikimi)

24. Short-toed Eagle: 1

25. Marsh Harrier: Lake Kerkini / Porto Lagos

26. Sparrowhawk: Singles seen

27. Levant Sparrowhawk: 2-3 seen

28. Peregrine 1-2 at Dadia Radio Mast (Lefikimi)

29. Common Buzzard: Several

30. Booted Eagle: 1

31. Kestrel: several

32. Hobby: A single en route

33. Moorhen: Several

34. Coot: Common

35. Ringed Plover: 2 ?

36. Black-headed Gull: Several

37. Yellow-legged Gull: common

38. Whimbrel 1-2 seen Porto Lagos

39. Curlew 2-3 seen Porto Lagos

40. Spotted Redshank 1.3 Porto Lagos

41. Greenshank 1-3 Porto Lagos

42. Sandwich Tern: 3 at Porto Lagos

43. Common Tern: 2 at Porto Lagos

44. Whiskered Tern: Porto Lagos

45. White-winged Black Tern: 1 possible at Porto Lagos

46. Feral Pigeon/Rock Dove: Only seen around habitation

47. Woodpigeon 1-2 seen

48. Collared Dove: Common

49. Little Owl: 1 seen

50. Common Swift: common

51. Alpine Swift: 1-2 seen

52. Kingfisher: 5 seen and heard

53. Bee Eater: > 30 Seen and heard in many places

54. Hoopoe: Single seen

55. Grey-headed Woodpecker: 2 heard at Promachonas

56. Green Woodpecker: Singles heard calling

57. Great Spotted Woodpecker: Seen several times

58. Syrian Woodpecker: Seen once feeding on nut tree in Hotel Plotini Evos

59. Middle Spotted woodpecker: twice heard

60. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: twice heard

61. Crested Lark: Common

62. Woodlark -seen once

63. Common Redstart -seen twice

64. Sand Martin: common

65. Barn Swallow: Common

66. Red-rumped Swallow: Common

67. House Martin: Common

68. Tawny Pipit: Seen twice

69. Yellow Wagtail: common

70. Grey Wagtail: seen once

71. Dipper : single seen

72. White Wagtail: Only singles seen

73. Nightingale: seen twice

74. Northern Wheatear: A few singles seen

75. Black-eared Wheatear: Seen once

76. Isabelline Wheatear 3-5

77. Whinchat - Common

78. Blackbird: seen in various areas woodland areas

79. Cetti's Warbler: Seen/heard twice in suitable areas

80. Olivaceous Warbler: Seen twice

81. Whitethroat: Seen few times

82. Blackcap: seen once and heard several times

83. Icterine warbler (H)

84. Chiffchaff: Several calling

85. Willow warbler - Common

86. Spotted Flycatcher: Seen everywhere

87. Red-breasted flycatcher - Common

88. Long-tailed Tit: Small numbers at Mountains

89. Blue Tit: several

90. Great Tit: Seen regularly throughout

91. Nuthatch: Singles recorded

92. Penduline Tit: Nest seen

93. Chuckar 5-6 - Seen Dadia Radio Mast (Lefikimi)

94. Golden Oriole: Once seen

95. Red-backed Shrike: Numerous - seen throughout

96. Jay: Common

97. Magpie: Common

98. Jackdaw: Common

99. Hooded Crow: Common

100. Starling: Seen in flock up to 80

101. House Sparrow: Common

102. Pallid Swift - common at Airport

103. Tree Sparrow common

104. Chaffinch: Common

105. Goldfinch: 2 sightings

106. Hawfinch: 1-2

107. Corn Bunting: Common

108. Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin - 1 quick view