Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Matto Grosso, Brazil, September 2003

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Participants: Ashley Banwell


During 17th September and 22nd September 2003 I had the pleasure of visiting the Cristalino Jungle Lodge in the southern Amazon. These notes are intended to compliment the reports by Samuel Hansson and Alex Lees (click here). I have only outlined the highlights as a full list of commoner birds can be found in these reports.


Cryptic Forest Falcon

Red-throated Puiping Guan - small numbers seen most days
Bare-faced Curassow - just 2 seen, often heard calling and usually close to the river
Razor-billed Curassow - 2 seen again close to the river
Black-gilded Barbet - a pair in the lodge clearing
Ringed Woodpecker - a pair came into to canned tape along the river downstream from the Serra trail
Goulds Toucanet - female from the tower and heard around the clearing
Red-billed Toucan - commonly heard and seen
Curl-crested Aracari - 2 seen, 1 from the tower
Red-necked Aracari - small numbers
White-necked Puffbird - 2 from the tower
Collared Puffbird - 1 along the Saliero trail
Brown-banded Puffbird - 1 perched on a dead tree near the Serra trail, seen from the boat
Pied Puffbird -1 on the Serra
Striolated Puffbird -1 on the Serra
Broad-billed Motmot - often heard and 1 seen along the newly cut trail of the Salerio
Dusky-billed Parrotlet - 8 from the tower
Kawalls Parrot - a pair were seen at dusk most days flying downstream from the lauch, best to learn the calls
Red Fan Parrot - best seen from the tower where they sometimes perch up
Hellmars Parakeet - seen from the tower and along the river trail
Golden-winged Parakeet - common
Short-tailed Nighthawk - 5 every evening on the river
Blackish Nightjar - common in clearing and on the rocks on the Serra trail
Cryptic Forest Falcon - brilliant views on the Haffer trail
Zigzag Heron - 1 spotlighted upstream from the lodge after heard calling at dusk
Dark-winged Trumpeter - 3 seen along the newly cut trail and a group heard along the Haffer
Helemted Tody Tyrant - common once the call is learnt
Rufous-tailed Flycatcher - only 1 seen on the river trail
White-bellied Tody Tyrant - 1 on the Saliero
Rufous Casiornis - 1 on the Serra
Blue-backed Manakin - 1 male on the newly cut trail
Fiery-capped Manakin - 1 male on the river trail
Snow capped Manakin - 3 sub adults on the river trail and 1 full male on the newly cut trail
Flame-crested Manakin - 1 male at the stakeout downstream from the Serra
Glossy Antshrike - a couple of pairs taped in, usually close to the river
Natteres Slaty Antshrike - best area is the Serra trail where a pair taped in
White-fringed Antwren - just a pair seen
Emilias Antwren - 2 males and a female seen
Xingu Antbird - only 1 seen, feeding above head height, Saliero trail
Black Spotted Bare-eye - 2+ seen at ant swarm close to the tree house
Dot-backed Antbird - 1 came in to canned tape along the river trail
Bare-eyed Antbird - 4 of these stunners with the same ants as the Bare eyes
Scale-backed Antbird - 2 seen on the Haffer trail
Manu Antbird - 2 males on the Haffer trail
Chestnut-throated Spinetail -1 on the Serra trail
Rusty-backed Spinetail - seen by the boat launch
Plain-crowned Spinetail - 1 seen in mixed species flock
Chestnut-winged Hookbill - a few seen always with a big flock
Chestnut Winged Foliage-Gleaner - 1 seen in flock
Para Foliage-Gleaner - 3 seen in total, 2 seen by themselves
Rufous-rumped Foliage-Gleaner - common in flocks
Curve-billed Scythebill - a couple seen in bamboo
Point-tailed Palmcreeper - 1 at the regular swamp
Noble Antthrush - a brilliant pair seen very well along the newly cut trail
Snethlages Gnateater - stunning male with large mixed species flock along the newly cut trail, low down
Slaty Capped Shrike Vireo - mixed species flock bird
White-winged Shrike Tanager - as above
Grey-chested Greenlet - few
Buff-bellied Wren - only seen around the launch area
Tooth-billed Wren - 2 on the Serra
Pectoral Sparrow - 1 on the Serra
Rose-breated Chat - a few in larger mixed species flocks
Red-billed Pied Tanager - 5+ in a flock on the Serra

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