Sarus Cranes at Kasrawal Village of Kheri District

Published by Krishna Kumar Mishra (krishenk2000 AT

Participants: Krishna Kumar Mishra Dudhwa


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Sarus Crane
Sarus Crane

Dear Ornithologists,

I would like to inform you about the large flock of Sarus Crane (Grus ntigone) at Kasrawal Village of Sub-division of Mohammadi of kheri district. We visited this area regularly during the months of February - March 2006. Up to 60 Sarus Cranes at village pond locally called Jhhaber. There are large wetland with small dotted wetlands and a Government canal beside the village. But in second week of March these wetlands were shrinking due to summer heat. I saw these birds regularly in month of February 2006 but in March birds were not regularly visited in this village due to the absence of water.

Hunting is the main problem here, I heard to the peoples of this village that the army persons of Shahjahapur Cant were also involve in poaching of Sarus Cranes and a village Nayagaon Jat is situated near these birds habitat. A few castes of this village are also involved in poaching.

Villagers have no any information about wildlife conservation and its importance due to lack of awareness programme by NGOs and Forest Department. I request to all of you regarding protection of wildlife in agricultural areas.

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