Kona Coast, Hawaii Island, Hawaii, USA June 24, 2018

Published by Lance Tanino (lance.tanino AT gmail.com)

Participants: Lance Tanino, Brad Argue, Kurt Pohlman, Mandy Talpas, Kirk Roth, Alex Farrand, Sandy Farkas, Ellen Schwenne, Rick Tyler, Jay Nash


0630 - 1430 Hours

Eleven birders from near (O'ahu, Kona, Waimea) and far (VA, IN, AK, WA, OR, and CA) had a successful pelagic (8 hours) off the Kona coast. Ocean conditions were excellent (mostly flat, no white caps) under sunny blue skies. We encountered ten species including local endangered breeders - Hawaiian Petrel ('U'au), Newell's Shearwater ('A'o), and Band-rumped Storm-Petrel ('Ake'ake).

Species Lists

'U'au, Hawaiian Petrel (3)
'Ou, Bulwer's Petrel (19)
'U'au kani, Wedge-tailed Shearwater (72)
Buller’s Shearwater (2)
'A'o, Newell's Shearwater (1)
'Ake'ake, Band-rumped Storm-Petrel (8)
'Iwa, Great Frigatebird (1 juvenile)
'A, Brown Booby (2, adult and subadult)
'Ewa'ewa, Sooty Tern (4)
Noio, Black Noddy (8)
Tern sp. (1)
Procellariid sp. (3)


Spinner Dolphins
Short-finned Pilot Whales (large pod)


Moth species