Ecuador - October 2000

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1. Introduction

From 13-10-2000 till 29-10-2000 I made a birding trip to Ecuador. As this was my third time to visit Ecuador, my aim this time was to visit those areas I had not yet visited and to see as many new species as possible.

Therefore I went to two main parts of the country. First I spend a week in the north-west around Tandayapa, Mindo and Pedro Vicente Maldonado. After that I spend a week in the Amazonian Lowlands at Yuturi Lodge.

2. Planning the trip.

I organized the trip myself, mainly using e-mail. Because I had visited Ecuador already two times I new quite good which sites I wanted to visit. From Holland I had arranged almost all of the transport, accommodation and the guide.


In Tandayapa my guide was Tony Nunnery ($100 per day). Tony is from the USA, but now lives in Tandayapa valley with Barbara in a beautiful house. His "garden" is primary forest with good trails. You can easily spend two days on his property. Tony has a lot of hummingbird feeders around his house as well as in the forest. These attract many species of Hummingbirds. We saw 19 different species at the feeders! That is much more than you would see at Bellavista Lodge (or elsewhere in the world?). The author of 'The Hummingbirds' once visited Tony and concluded there is no other place like this.

Tony knows the birds and the vocalizations very well. We found most of the specialties including some very rare ones. Contact him if you want to see a lot of birds!!

At Yuturi Lodge my guide was Teofilo Grefa. He lives in the lowlands for all his life and knows a lot of sounds. This is very helpful, because he had to tell me quite a few times that the sound we heard was a frog instead of a bird. He knows a lot of bird sounds, but doesn't know the English names. He can show them in the book.

I stayed two nights at Bellavista Lodge and after that was invited by Tony to stay at his house (a better offer you just can't get!). Lower down is the new Tandayapa Bird Lodge. This is a better place to stay than at Bellavista Lodge. Bellavista Lodge is quite basic (although the food is good) and is at a higher elevation, and because of that is in the clouds part of the day. It is not necessary to stay at Mindo while birding that area. You can reach Mindo in about 45 minutes and Pedro Vicente Maldonado in 1 hour and 45 minutes. At Tandayapa it's cooler and there is better accommodation.

In the Oriente I stayed at Yuturi Lodge. This is a cheaper option than the better known La Selva Lodge. Yuturi Lodge is in a very good area. It has good Terra Firme forest and also good Varzea forest. If you tell them you are a birder, they will arrange a special program for you with a knowledgeable guide. I had Teofilo as a personal guide.


Richard Parsons arranged my transfer from Quito airport to Tandayapa. If you make use of Tony as a guide , Tony can arrange the taxi for you as well (cheaper!).

For two days I hired a taxi to visit Mindo and Pedro Vicente Maldonado. The taxi driver is a friend of Tony and knows what birders are like.... I paid him $60 for a full day and $20 for the trip from Tandayapa to Quito.

3. Information.

If you want more information about this trip or if you have comments, mail me at


Following is an itinerary of the trip I made. I have only written down the species I personally want to remember and the lifers (the ones with an *). For a complete list see the bird list at the end of this report.


Late night flight from Amsterdam to Quito, via Curacao and Guayaquil.


Arrival in the morning. Picked up by Tony Nunnery and Nestor the taxi driver. Drive to Tandayapa via the site for the White-tailed Shrike Tyrant, which we didn't see. Birded all day at Tony's place and around Bellavista Lodge.

Birds: Sickle-winged Guan (H)*, Barred Parakeet (H)*, Red-billed Parrot, Speckle-faced Parrot, Scaly-naped Amazon, Green Violetear*, Sparkling Violetear, Western Emerald*, Andean Emerald, Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Speckled Hummingbird, Violet-fronted Brilliant*, Fawn-breasted Brilliant*, Brown Inca*, Collared Inca, Buff-tailed Coronet*, Gorgeted Sunangel*, Booted Rackettail, Violet-tailed Sylph, Purple-throated Woodstar*, White-bellied Woodstar*, Toucan Barbet (H)*, Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan*, Rufous Spinetail (H), Streaked Tuftedcheeck (H), Rusty-winged Barbtail*, Striped Treehunter*, Chestnut-crowned Antpitta (H), Spillman's Tapaculo (H)*, White-tailed Tyrannulet*, Streak-necked Flycatcher*, Western Wood-Pewee, Green-and-black Fruiteater, Turquiose Jay (H), Slaty Nightingale Thrush, Glossy-black Thrush, Plain-tailed Wren, Grey-breasted Wood-Wren, Three-striped Warbler, Russet-crowned Warbler, White-sided Flowerpiercer, Beryl-spangled Tanager, Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager, Grass-green Tanager, Blue-capped tanager, Dusky Bush-Tanager*, Russet-backed Oropendola (H). Not bad for the first day!!!!


Before dawn walked from Bellavista Lodge to Tony's house. Heard Grey Potoo. This morning walked the trails on Tony's property. Here we had Dark-breasted Woodquail (H)*, Tawny-bellied Hermit*, Andean Solitaire, Toucan Barbet came in to the tape, Sickle-winged Guan seen, Green-fronted Lancebill*, Masked Trogon*. Best was the Moustached Antpitta* we heard. At the house were Green-tailed Trainbearers, Yellow-breasted Antpitta (H)*, Golden Tanager and White-winged Brush Finch.

In the afternoon walked down to Tandayapa. Saw Narino and Spillmans Tapaculo, Andean Cock of the Rock*, Black-capped Tanager* and Yellow-faced Grassquit*. Heard Band-winged Nightjar at Bellavista.


Today pre-dawn departure to Mindo with Victor the taxi driver. First birded the dirt-road to a new hotel (the first track on the right at the entrance-road going down to Mindo). Here Rufous-breasted Antthrush(H)*, Club-winged Manakin, Golden-headed Quetzal, Lesser Eleania*, Buff-fronted Foliagegleaner*, Red-faced Spinetail*, Long-tailed Antbird*, Choco Toucan (H)*, Glistening-green Tanager*, Andean Cock of the Rock (H) and a large group of Yellow-collared Chlorophonias*. Then walked down the road to Mindo (Orange-crowned Euphonia*, White-throated Crake*, Southern Nightingale Wren). In the afternoon paid a visit to Mindo Lindo. On the trail we saw Chestnut-capped Brush Finch*, Metallic-green Tanager* and a displaying Club-winged Manakin. About 30 Barred Parakeets flew over.


Again early departure, but now to Pedro Vicente Maldonado (PVM). Heard Mottled Owl* and Barred Forest Falcon* from Tony's porch. The forest patch where everybody saw the Dacnis and the other goodies is no longer there! Tony was here two weeks earlier and at that time it was still there, but now there was nothing left. We still managed to see some good birds: Rufous Motmot (H)*, Blue-headed Parrot*, Purple-crowned Fairy, Band-backed Wren, Buff-rumped Warbler*, White-tailed Sicklebill, Western Slaty Antshrike*, Bright-rumped Attila*, Pacific Streaked Antwren*, Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher*, Slate-throated Gnatcatcher*, Choco Toucan (H), White-thighed Swallow*, Violet-bellied Hummingbird*, Blue-chested Hummingbird*, Dusky Antbird*, Tawny-crowned Tanager*, Marble-faced Tyrannulet*, Dusky-faced Tanager*, White-shouldered Tanager*, Red-rumped Woodpecker*, Little Tinamou (H)*, Dot-winged Antwren*, White-bearded Manakin*, Western White-tailed Trogon*, Slaty-capped Shrike Vireo(H)*. In the afternoon went to the Bancos-road with Moss-backed Tanager*, Choco Toucan seen, Purple-throated Fruitcrow (H)*.


Birded around the house and at Tony's trails. What a place! Cloud-forest Pygmy-Owl (H)*, Giant Antpitta (H)*, Golden-naped Tanager*, Beautiful Jay (H)*, Toucan Barbet (H), Spotted Barbtail*, White-rumped Hawk*, White-tipped Swift*, Golden-rumped Euphonia* and more. Spend the afternoon on a beautiful trail with Empress Brilliant*, Purple-bibbed Whitetip*, Powerfull Woodpecker, Hoary Puffleg*, Andean Cock of the Rock (H) and Tyrannine Woodcreeper (H)*.


Dawn chorus at Tony's porch - hearing the following species: Giant Antpitta, Grey Potoo, Cloud-Forest Pygmy-Owl, Toucan Barbet, Golden-headed Quetzal, Wattled Guan, Andean Cock of the Rock, Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, Chestnut-crowned Antpitta, Glossy-black Thrush and Strong-billed Woodcreeper*.

Last morning in the Tandayapa Valley. New species were still coming. Saw Western Hemispingus*, Streak-capped Treehunter* and Spot-fronted Swift* which seems to be regular in the Tandayapa Valley.

After lunch to Quito with Victor. A short stop at the White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant spot only produced Black-tailed Trainbearer and Tufted Tit-Tyrant.

At this point I had seen 240 species on the trip of which 87 were lifers.


This morning to the airport for the flight to Coca. There was a small problem because my suitcase was a bit too heavy. The maximum weight allowed is 10 kilo. My suitcase was 22 kilo! I was glad they didn't notice my daypack with telescope, books, bins etc. I only had to pay $ 6. After a nice flight with views at Cayambe we went to hotel Oasis where we boarded the boat to the lodge (about 4 hours). At the Napo-river Cocoi Heron, Black Caracara, Yellow-headed Caracara, Yellow-billed Tern*, Black Skimmer*, Brown Chested Martin*, White-banded Swallow, Orange-winged Amazon* and more commoner species. This evening met Teofilo and planned the various excursions.


Woke up with the sounds of Pauraque and Grey Potoo. From 6 till 10 at the 28 meter high tower. Here we had Cinereous Tinamou (H)*, Black-headed Parrot*, Crested Eagle*, White-necked Puffbird*, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Flame-crested Tanager*, Greyish Mourner*, Plum-throated Cotinga*, Bare-necked Fruitcrow*,Black-faced Antthrush (H)*, Thrush-like Wren (H)*, Scarlet Macaw*, Chestnut-fronted Macaw*, Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, Blue-headed Parrot, Buff-throated Woodcreeper, Gildet Barbet , Yellow-tufted Woodpecker* etc. After that walked a trail to the Rio Napo. Best were the Long-tailed Potoo* at its day-roost, Great Tinamou (H)*, Undulated Antshrike (H)*, Fasciated Antshrike (H)*, Blue-crowned Motmot (H)*, Straight-billed Woodcreeper* and Crimson-crested Woodpecker*. In the afternoon at the water with a canoe with a Grey Potoo at its day-roost, Band-tailed*-, Crested-, Green*- and Russet-backed Oropendola, Long-billed Woodcreeper*, Yellow-headed Caracara, Pauraque (seen), Mouse-coloured Antshrike (H)*, Cinnamon Attila (H)*. At dark heard Tawny-bellied Screech Owl*.


At 05.30 to Sendero Limon. From the canoe we heard Amazonian Antshrike (H)*, saw a Sungrebe* and Chestnut Woodpecker*. At the trail we saw and heard many species. Sometimes you don't see a single bird for half an hour or so. Then you suddenly hear birdsounds again. If you want to see birds in the rainforest you have to listen all day! Good birds were among others: Coraya Wren responding very well to the tape, White-shouldered Antshrike*, Ringed Antpipit*, Screaming Piha (H)*, Long-winged Antwren*, Plain-winged Antshrike*, Pygmy Antwren*, Gray Antwren*, Wire-tailed Manakin*, Marbled Woodquail (H)*, Scale-backed Antbird (H)*, Solitary Cacique (H)*. Back at the lodge we heard Ferruginous Pygmy Owl.


Today we had a very good birding day! We left at 4.00 hour in the morning for nightbirds. We heard Tropical Screech Owl (H)*, Crested Owl (H)*, Grey Potoo (H), Pauraque (H), Grey-necked Woodrail (H)*. Walked for 11 hours (!) the Sendero Manduro. This is mainly Terra Firme, but also has some swampy parts (Varzea). We saw many good birds including some we only had heard so far. We also encountered an Army-ant Swarm with 3 professional followers (White-plumed*-, White-faced*- and Sooty Antbird*) Best were: Dwarf Tyrant Manakin*, Golden-collared Toucanet*, Spot-winged Antshrike (H)*, Swainson's Thrush*, White-flanked Antwren*, Plain-crowned Spinetail*, Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner*, Grey Antbird*, Rusty-belted Tapaculo (H)*, Grey-winged Trumpeter* (a group responding very well to the tape), Black-necked Red Cotinga (H)* and Blue-throated Trogon*. From the canoe we saw Red-necked Woodpecker*, Agami Heron*, Boat-billed Heron*, White-eyed Parakeet*, Sandcoloured Nighthawk* and Nacunda Nighthawk*.


Pre-dawn departure by motored canoe to the Rio Napo to visit a river island. Here it is much hotter then in the forest. We saw Amazonian Umbrellabird*, Oriole Blackbird*, Parker's Spinetail*, Barred Antshrike*, Castlenau's Antshrike*, Crested Eagle sitting in a tree while we were eating our lunch, Olive-spotted Hummingbird*, Grey Saltator*, Fuscous Flycatcher*, Red-stained Woodpecker*, Lesser Hornero*. Drab Water Tyrant* was at the dead trees in the Rio Napo. On our way back to Yuturi Lodge we saw a Great Potoo* at its day roost and a Rufous-breasted Hermit* near the lodge.


Today to Sendero Huarmi Yuturi (this means "the female of the Conga Ant" which is a 5 cm large ant. Its bite hurts for about 24 hours. That's why it's also called the 24-hour-ant). Walked again for about 11 hours on the trail. Saw many species, but only 8 lifers: Black-faced Antbird*, Bronzy Jacamar*, Green Manakin*, Amazonian White-tailed Trogon*, Black Antbird*, Plain-throated Antwren*, Pink-throated Becard*, Cinereous Antshrike*.


Again to Sendero Manduro. Heared Spectacled Owl. At arrival it started to rain. Went back to the lodge because we couldn't see or hear anything! At 10.00 walked to the tower: Silvered Antbird* at the Varzea patch and Lawrence's Thrush (H)* and White-browed Antbird* in the forest. Point-tailed Palmcreeper (H)* at the tower. There is also a observation-tower above the restaurant. Here I saw Pale-throated Barbthroat* and Sulphury Flycatcher*. In the afternoon made a boattrip at Laguna Yuturi where we saw Green-and Rufous*-, Pygmy-, Amazon- and Green Kingfisher.


Early morning departure to Coca. On the Rio Napo saw Large-billed Tern*, Yellow-billed Tern and Black Skimmer. At the Salt Lick near La Selva Lodge we saw Yellow-crowned Amazon*, Dusky-headed Parakeet*, Blue-headed Parrot, Mealy Parrot an Orange-winged Parrot.

At Coca took the plane to Quito.


Flight to Amsterdam via Curacao.


Early morning arrival at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Species Lists

Following is a list of birds seen. Where known I give the subspecies concerned.

TY = Tandayapa Valley, including Bellavista, Tony's property and around the village.
PVM = Pedro Vicente Maldonado
Y = Yuturi Lodge, including the trails (senderos), Laguna Yuturi and the tower. Excluding the Rio Napo and river island.
The west = TY + Mindo + PVM
The east = the Amazonian Lowlands

* = new for my life list

H = heard only

1* GREAT TINAMOU Tinamus major peruvianus
Heard almost daily at Y. Seen once.

2*H CINEREOUS TINAMOU Tinamus cinereus
Heard on the trails at Y.

3 H UNDULATED TINAMOU Tinamus undulatus
Heard daily in the forest at Y.

On the Rio Napo in small numbers.

5 GREAT EGRET Casmerodias albus egretta
1 near Quito and a few on the Rio Napo.

6 CATTLE EGRET Bulbucus ibis ibis
In small numbers at Y.

7 SNOWY EGRET Egretta thula thula
Only a few on the last day at the Rio Napo.

8 STRIATED HERON Butorides striatus
Seen daily around Y.

9* AGAMI HERON Agamia agami
Seen twice at Y.

10* BOAT-BILLED HERON Cochlearius cochlearius
Also twice a juvenile in the same bushes as the Agami Heron.

11 BLACK VULTURE Coragyps atratus
Very common at TY and Y.

12 TURKEY VULTURE Cathartes aura
Common at TY and in the east.

13 GREATER YELLOW-HEADED VULTURE Cathartes melanbrotos Common in the east.

14 OSPREY Pandion haliaetus carolinensis
Daily at the Rio Napo.

15* GREY-HEADED KITE Leprodon c. cayanensis
1 flew over our heads at PVM.

16 DOUBLE-TOOTHED KITE Helicolestes bidentatus
1 from the tower at Y.

17 SLATE-COLOURED HAWK Leucopternis schistacea
2 inside the forest at the trails at Y.

18 GREY-BACKED HAWK Leucopternis occidentalis
2 at PVM sitting in a palmtree. Great scope-views.

19 BARRED HAWK Leucopternis princeps (zimmeri ?)
3 at Mindo. Also at TY.

20 ROADSIDE HAWK Buteo magnirostris
Seen almost daily in the west. Less common in the east.

21* WHITE-RUMPED HAWK Buteo leucorrhous
1 flew over Tony's house on 2 different days.

22* CRESTED EAGLE Morphnus guianensis
1 scoped from the tower. Another at the Rio Napo island. It flew over our heads and landed in the tree next to where we were having our lunch.

23 BLACK CARACARA Daptrius ater
1 at the Rio Napo and 1 from the restaurant at Y.

24* YELLOW-HEADED CARACARA Milvago chimachima cordatus
A few at the Rio Napo and 1 in the tree next to the Lodge at Y.

25*H BARRED FOREST-FALCON Micrastur ruficolis
Heard from Tony's verandah.

26 LAUGHING FALCON Herpetotheres c. cachinnans
1 at PVM

27 AMERICAN KESTREL Falco sparverius aequatorialis
1 at the White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant site and 1 at TY.

28 BAT FALCON Falco rufigularis
1 near Quito. 1 in Coca. 1 at Y.

29 SPECKLED CHACHALACA Ortalis guttata guttata
Common at Y.

30 H WATTLED GUAN Aburria aburri
1 heard from Tony's verandah before dawn.

31* SICKLE-WINGED GUAN Chamaepetes gudotii fagani
At TY. Heard at the first day. 3 seen along the road.

32*H MARBLED WOOD-QUAIL Odontophorus gujanensis buckleyi
1 group heard and some movements seen at Y.

33*H DARK-BACKED WOOD-QUAIL Odontophorus melanotus
Commonly heard at TY.

34*H WHITE-THROATED CRAKE Laterallus albigularis
1 heard at entrance road to Mindo. 1 heard at PVM.

35*H GREY-NECKED WOOD-RAIL Aramides cajanea cajanea
Commonly heard at Y.

36* SUNGREBE Heliornis fulica
2 at the Rio Yuturi.

37* GREY-WINGED TRUMPETER Psophia crepitans napensis
A group of about 6 reacted very well at the tape at Sendero Manduro.

38 GREATER YELLOWLEGS Tringa melanoleuca
Some at the sandbanks of the Rio Napo.

39 WILLET Catoptrophorus semipalmatus
Some at the sandbanks of the Rio Napo.

40 SPOTTED SANDPIPER Actitis macularia
1 along the Rio Napo.

41* YELLOW-BILLED TERN Sterna superciliaris
Regular on the Rio Napo.

42* LARGE-BILLED TERN Sterna s. simplex
Only 3 at a sandbank at the Rio Napo on the last day.

43* BLACK SKIMMER Rynchops nigra
3 on the Rio Napo to and from Yuturi.

44 BAND-TAILED PIGEON Columba fasciata albilinea
A few at TY.

45 PALE-VENTED PIGEON Columba cayennensis
Only 1 at Y.

46 RUDDY PIGEON Columba subvinacea
Heard at PVM (C.s.berlepschi) and heard and seen at Y.

47 PLUMBEOUS PIGEON Columba plumbea
Very common in the east (C.p.delicata). 1 in TY (C.p.chapmani)

48 EARED DOVE Zenaida auriculata
In Quito.

49 WHITE-TIPPED DOVE Leptotila verreaxi
Some at TY and Y.

4 from the tower at Y.

51* SCARLET MACAW Ara m. macao
A family from the tower at Y.

Some from the tower and around the Lodge at Y.

53 RED-BELLIED MACAW Ara manilata
Regular at Y.

54* WHITE-EYED PARAKEET Aratinga leucophthalmus callogenys
Groups flying over the Lodge at dusk at Y.

55* DUSKY-HEADED PARAKEET Aratinga weddellii
Large groups at the salt-lick near La Selva Lodge.

56 (*?) MAROON-TAILED PARAKEET Pyrrhura melanura
Nominate regular at Y. At PVM the western ssp P.m.pacifica which might be split in the future.

57* BARRED PARAKEET Bolborhynchus lineola tigrinus
Large groups regular flying over at TY. Also 1 large group low over Mindo Lindo.

58 COBALT-WINGED PARAKEET Brotogeris c. cyanoptera
Very common at Y.

59* BLACK-HEADED PARROT Pionites melanocephala pallidus
1 from the tower at Y. Excellent views through the scope.

60* BLUE-HEADED PARROT Pionus menstruus
P.m.menstruus in large groups at the salt-lick at the Rio Napo. P.m.rubrigularis at PVM (a few).

61 RED-BILLED PARROT Pionus sordidus
A few flying over at TY. Of the ssp P.s.corallinus. In the forthcoming fieldguide of Ecuador is a P.s.mindoensis ssp. I couldn't find that in the books.

62 SPECKLE-FACED PARROT Pionus tumultuosus seniloides
Some at TY.

63 BRONZE-WINGED PARROT Pionus chalcopterus cyanescens
Small groups at PVM

64* YELLOW-CROWNED AMAZON Amazona ochrocephala nattereri Large group at the Rio Napo salt-lick.

65* ORANGE-WINGED AMAZON Amazona a. amazonica
Very common in the east.

66 SCALY-NAPED AMAZON Amazona m. mercinaria
A few at TY.

67 MEALY AMAZON Amazona farinosa chapmani
common in the east.

68 SQUIRREL CUCKOO Piaya cayana
1 at Mindo, 1 at TY and 1 at PVM (P.c.nigricissa). Also 1 from the tower at Y (P.c.mesura)

69 GREATER ANI Crotophaga major
Common along the Rio Napo.

70 SMOOTH-BILLED ANI Crotophaga ani
Regular in the east and a few at Mindo.

71 HOATZIN Opisthocomus hoazin
Common around Laguna Yuturi. Breeding next to the lodge.

72*H TROPICAL SCREECH OWL Otus choliba crucigerus
Several heard at Y.


74*H CRESTED OWL Lophostrix c. cristata
Several heard at Y.

75 H SPECTACLED OWL Pulsatrix p. perspicillata
1 heard at Y.

76* CLOUD-FOREST PYGMY-OWL Glaucidium nubicola
Heard almost every day and seen once, being mobbed by other birds at TY.

77*H FERRUGINOUS PYGMY-OWL Glaucidium (brasilianum) ucayalae Heard twice before dawn at Y. This ssp will probably be split off as a distinct species.

78*H MOTTLED OWL Strix v. virgata
Heard its very strange sound from Tony's verandah before dawn.

79* GREAT POTOO Nyctibius grandis
One seen in a tree bordering the Yuturi river by daylight.

80* LONG-TAILED POTOO Nyctibius aethereus
One in a tree next to the trail from the tower to the Rio Napo. It was sittng there only about 10 meters away!

81 COMMON / GREY POTOO Nyctibius g. griseus
Commonly heard at dark at Y and at TY. One seen near Laguna Yuturi.

82* SAND-COLOURED NIGHTHAWK Chordeiles rupestris
Large groups flying high over the Yuturi river before dusk. There was a big roost in the trees next to the restaurant.

83* NACUNDA NIGHTHAWK Podager nacunda
Not as common as the previous species, but groups flying over daily before dusk at Y.

84 PAURAQUE Nyctidromas albicollis
A common sound at Y. Also seen flying over the water in front of the canoe.

85 H BAND-WINGED NIGHTJAR Caprimulgus longirostris
1 heard at TY.

86 LADDER-TAILED NIGHTJAR Hydropsalis climancocera
1 at the dead trees on the Rio Napo river island.

87 WHITE-COLLARED SWIFT Streptoprocne zonaris
Common in the west.

88 CHESTNUT-COLLARED SWIFT Streptoprocne rutilus
Common in the west.

89* SPOT-FRONTED SWIFT Cypseloides cryptus
1 flying over Tony's house. This species is, according to Tony, a regular visitor in the TY-valley.

90(*?) SHORT-TAILED SWIFT Chaetura brachyura
Common in the east. The ssp seen in Southern Ecuador might be split of as Tumbes Swift in the near future.

91 BAND-RUMPED SWIFT Chaetura spinicauda
One at the Bancos Road near PVM.

92* WHITE-TIPPED SWIFT Aeronautes montivagus
One over Tony's house at TY.

93 NEOTROPICAL PALM-SWIFT Reinarda squamata
Common at Y.

94* RUFOUS-BREASTED HERMIT Glaucis hirsuta
2 at Y.

95* PALE-TAILED BARBTHROAT Threnetes leucurus
One 'scoped' from the outlook above the restaurant at Y.

96 WHITE-WHISKERED HERMIT Phaethornis yaruqui
2 at Mindo.

97* TAWNY-BELLIED HERMIT Phaethornis syrrmatophorus
At the feeders at Tony's place.

98* LONG-TAILED HERMIT Phaethornis superciliosus moorei
Some in the forest at Y.

1 at PVM.

100* GREEN-FRONTED LANCEBILL Doryfera ludovicae
3 on Tony's trails.

101* GREEN VIOLETEAR Colibri thalassinus
Common at the feeders. TY.

102 SPARKLING VIOLETEAR Colibri coruscans
Common at the feeders.

103 GREEN THORNTAIL Popelairia popelairii
At the feeders in the forest.

104* WESTERN EMERALD Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus
Common at the feeders. Recently split of from Blue-tailed Emerald.

A pair at PVM.

106* OLIVE-SPOTTED HUMMINGBIRD Leucipus chlorocercus
1 at the Rio Napo river island. Hovering at eye-level about 1 meter away.

107* BLUE-CHESTED HUMMINGBIRD Amazilia amabilis
A female at PVM.

108 ANDEAN EMERALD Amazilia franicae
Regular at TY.

1 at PVM.

110 SPECKLED HUMMINGBIRD Adelomyia melanogenys
Common at the feeders.

111* PURPLE-BIBBED WHITETIP Urostictr benjamini
A perched male almost to close to focus at TY!

112* EMPRESS BRILLIANT Heliodoxa imperatrix
A perched female only minutes before we saw the Whitetip.

113* FAWN-BREASTED BRILLIANT Heliodoxa rubinoides aequatorialis Very common at the feeders at TY.

114 BROWN INCA Coeligina wilsoni
Common at the feeders in the forest at TY.

115 COLLARED INCA Coeliniga torquata fulgidigula
Common at the feeders at TY.

116* BUFF-TAILED CORONET Boissoneaua flavescens tinochlora
Common at TY

117* GORGETED SUNANGEL Heliangelus strophianus
Common at the feeders, especially in the forest at TY.

118* HOARY PUFFLEG Halophaedia lugens
1 at TY.

119 (WHITE) BOOTED RACKET-TAIL Ocreatus underwoodi melanantherus Common at the feeders, especially in the forest at TY.

Some at the White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant site.

121 GREEN-TAILED TRAINBEARER Lesbia nuna gracilis
Almost daily next to Tony's house, much to his surprise.

122 VIOLET-TAILED SYLPH Aglaiocercus coelestis
Common at TY.

123* WEDGE-BILLED HUMMINGBIRD Schistes geoffroyi albogularis
2 at TY.

124 PURPLE-CROWNED FAIRY Heliothryx barroti
1 at PVM.

125* PURPLE-THROATED WOODSTAR Calliphlox mitchellii
Rather common at TY.

126* WHITE-BELLIED WOODSTAR Acestrura mulsant
Rather common at TY.

127 GOLDEN-HEADED QUETZAL Pharomachrus a. auriceps
Heard at TY and M. Seen at PVM.

1 at Y.

1 at PVM.

130* MASKED TROGON Trogon melanurus (assimilis?)
Individual females sitting quiet in the forest at TY. 1 male at Mindo.

1 at the Sendero Manduro at Y.

132 RINGED KINGFISHER Megaceryle torquata
Daily in the east.

133 AMAZON KINGFISHER Chloroceryle amazona
Daily at Y.

134 GREEN KINGFISHER Chloroceryle americana
Daily at Y.

135* GREEN-AND-RUFOUS KINGFISHER Chloroceryle inda
1 at Laguna Yuturi.

136 AMERICAN PYGMY KINGFISHER Chloroceryle aenea
1 at Laguna Yuturi.

137 BROAD-BILLED MOTMOT Electron platyrhynchum
1 at Mindo Lindo.

138* RUFOUS MOTMOT Baryphthengus martii
A few heard at PVM.

139* BLUE-CROWNED MOTMOT Momotus momota
Commonly heard at Y. A pair taped in.

140* PURPLISH JACAMAR Galbula (leucogaster) cahlcothorax
1 at Sendero Huarmi Yuturi. Split from Brown Jacamar.

141* WHITE-NECKED PUFFBIRD Notharchus macrorhynchos
1 from the tower at Y.

142 BLACK-FRONTED NUNBIRD Monasa nigrifrons
Regular at Y.

143 WHITE-FRONTED NUNBIRD Monasa morphoeus
Rather common at Y.

144 SWALLOW-WING Chelidoptera tenebrosa
Along the Rio Napo.

145 SCARLET-CROWNED BARBET Capito aurovirens
2 at Y.

146 GILDET BARBET Capito niger / punctatus ?
Common at Y. Split from Black-spotted Barbet. I'm not sure about the latin name.

147 RED-HEADED BARBET Eubucco bourcierrii aequatorialis
Heard at TY. Seen at Mindo.

148* TOUCAN BARBET Semnornis ramphastinus
Heard throughout the day at TY. A pair taped in at one of Tony's trails. What a splendid bird!

149 CRIMSON-RUMPED TOUCANET Aulacorhynchus haematopygus A few heard. 2 seen in Tony's garden.

150 PALE-MANDIBLED ARAÇARI Pteroglossus erythropygius
Some at Mindo and PVM.

151 MANY-BANDED ARAÇARI Pteroglossus pluricinctus
Common at Y.

152 IVORY-BILLED ARAÇARI Pteroglossus azara
1 at Y.

153* GOLDEN-COLLARED TOUCANET Selenidera reinwardtii
A pair at Sendero Manduro.

154* PLATE-BILLED MOUNTAIN-TOUCAN Andigena laminirostris
Heard daily at TY. Seen well at Bellavista Lodge.

155 YELLOW-RIDGED TOUCAN Ramphastos culminatus
Heard and seen at Y.

156* CHOCÓ TOUCAN Ramphastos brevis
Some heard at PVM. 2 see at the Bancos road.

157 WHITE-THROATED TOUCAN Ramphastos tucanus
Heard and seen at Y.

158 CRIMSON-MANTLED WOODPECKER Piculus rivolii brevirostris A few at TY. 1 'scoped' from Tony's verandah.

159* CHESTNUT WOODPECKER Celeus elegans citreopygius
1 at Sendero Limon at Y.

160 CREAM-COLOURED WOODPECKER Celeus flavus peruvianus 1 family at Y.

161 LINEATED WOODPECKER Dryocopus l. lineatus
Twice at Y.

162* YELLOW-TUFTED WOODPECKER Melanerpes cruentatus
Twice at Y.

163 BLACK-CHEEKED WOODPECKER Melanerpes p. pucherani
1 at PVM.

164 SMOKY-BROWN WOODPECKER Verniliornis fumigatus
1 at TY.

165* RED-STAINED WOODPECKER Verniliornis affinis
1 at the Rio Napo river island.

166* RED-RUMPED WOODPECKER Verniliornis kirkii
1 at PVM.

167* CRIMSON-CRESTED WOODPECKER Campephilus melanoleucos Twice at Y.

168 GUAYAQUIL WOODPECKER Campephilus gayaquilensis
2 at PVM.

169* RED-NECKED WOODPECKER Campephilus rubricollis
1 at Sendero Manduro at Y.

170 H POWERFUL WOODPECKER Campephilus pollens
1 heard at TY.

171 PACIFIC HORNERO Furnarius cinnamomeus
At PVM. Now split from Pale-legged Hornero.

172* LESSER HORNERO Furnarius minor
1 at the Rio Napo river island. Responded well to the tape.

173 AZARA'S SPINETAIL Synallaxis azarae
Some at TY.

174 SLATY SPINETAIL Synallaxis brachyura
1 at Mindo and PVM.

175* PLAIN-CROWNED SPINETAIL Synallaxis gujanensis
1 at Y.

176 H RUFOUS SPINETAIL Synallaxis unirufa
Heard on the first day at TY.

177* RED-FACED SPINETAIL Synallaxis erythrops
1 at Mindo and at PVM.

178* PARKER'S SPINETAIL Cranioleuca (vulpina) vulpecula
1 at the Rio Napo river island. Split from Rusty-backed Spinetail.

179 STREAKED TUFTEDCHEEK Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii
1 at TY.

180*H POINT-TAILED PALMCREEPER Berlepschia rikeri
1 heard from the tower at Y. didn't respond to the tape.

181* SPOTTED BARBTAIL Premnoplex brunnescens
1 at Tony's trail at TY.

182* RUSTY-WINGED BARBTAIL Premnornis guttuligera
1 at TY.

183 LINEATED FOLIAGE-GLEANER Syndactyla subalaris
1 at TY.

184 SCALY-THROATED FOLIAGE-GLEANER Anabecerthia variegaticeps At Mindo.

185* CINNAMON-RUMPED FOLIAGE-GLEANER Philydor erythropterus 1 at Y.

186* BUFF-FRONTED FOLIAGE-GLEANER Philydor rufus riveti
Some at Mindo and at PVM.

187* STRIPED TREEHUNTER Thripadectes holostictus
1 at TY.

188* STREAK-CAPPED TREEHUNTER Thripadectes virgaticeps
1 at TY.

189*H TYRANNINE WOODCREEPER Dendrocincla tyrannina
1 heard at TY.

190 PLAIN-BROWN WOODCREEPER Dendrocincla fuliginosa
A few at Y.

191 WEDGE-BILLED WOODCREEPER Glyphorynchus spirurus
Regular at Mindo, PVM and Y.

192* LONG-BILLED WOODCREEPER Nasica longirostis
Heard daily and seen once at Y.

193*H STRONG-BILLED WOODCREEPER Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus Heard 1 at TY.

194* STRAIGHT-BILLED WOODCREEPER Xiphorhynchus picus
Twice at Y.

195* BUFF-THROATED WOODCREEPER Xiphorhynchus guttatus
Regular at Y.

196 SPOTTED WOODCREEPER Xiphorhynchus erytropygis
Some at PVM.

197 STREAK-HEADED WOODCREEPER Lepidocolaptes souleyettii At Mindo an PVM.

198 MONTANE WOODCREEPER Lepidocolaptes lachrymiger
1at TY.

199*H FASCIATED ANTSHRIKE Cymbilaimus lineatus intermedius
Heard a few times at Y.

200*H UNDULATED ANTSHRIKE Frederickena unduligera
Heard a few times at Y.

201* BARRED ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus doliatus
1 seen at the Rio Napo river island.

202* CASTLENAU'S ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus cryptoleucus
1 seen at the Rio Napo river island.

203*H WHITE-SHOULDERED ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus aethiops
1 heard at Y.

204 H UNIFORM ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus u. unicolor
1 heard at TY.

205* PLAIN-WINGED ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus schistaceus capitalis The black-capped ssp. Seen twice and heard more often at Y.

206*H MOUSE-COLORED ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus murinus canipennis Heard at Y.

207*H WESTERN SLATY-ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus atrinucha
1 heard at PVM.

208*H AMAZONIAN ANTSHRIKE Thamnophilus amazonicuscinereiceps Heard at Y.

209* SPOT-WINGED ANTSHRIKE Pygiptila stellaris
Seen rather low in an more open part of the forest at Sendero Manduro. Heard at Sendero Huarmi Yuturi.

210* CINEREOUS ANTSHRIKE Thamnomanes ardesiacus
1 shy bird at Y.

211*H PYGMY ANTWREN Myrmotherula brachyura
1 heard at Y.

212* PACIFIC STREAKED-ANTWREN Myrmotherula pacifica
A pair seen at PMV.

213* PLAIN-THROATED ANTWREN Myrmotherula hauxwelli
1 at Y.

214* WHITE-FLANKED ANTWREN Myrmotherula axillaris melaena
Commonly heard and some seen at Y.

215* LONG-WINGED ANTWREN Myrmotherula longipennis zimmeri Rather common at Y.

216*H GREY ANTWREN Myrmotherula menetriesii pallida
1 heard at Y.

217* DOT-WINGED ANTWREN Microrhopias quixensis
Seen well at PVM (M.q.consobrina) and also 1 at Y (M.q.quixensis).

218* LONG-TAILED ANTBIRD Drymophila c. caudata
1 seen at Mindo along the road to the new hotel. 2 heard at TY.

219* GREY ANTBIRD Cercomacra cinerascens
1 at Y.

220* DUSKY ANTBIRD Cercomacra tyrannina
1 at PVM.

221* BLACK ANTBIRD Cercomacra serva

222*H WHITE-BROWED ANTBIRD Myrmoborus leucophrys
Heard along the trail to the tower at Y.

223* BLACK-FACED ANTBIRD Myrmoborus myotherinus
1 at Y.

224* SCALE-BACKED ANTBIRD Hylophylax poecilinota lepidonata
Heard daily in the forest. 1 seen responding to the tape.

225* SILVERED ANTBIRD Sclateria naevia argentata
1 in the varzea forest-patch halfway along the trail to the tower.

226* SOOTY ANTBIRD Myrmeciza fortis
Twice at Y. 1 at the army antswarm at Sendero Manduro at Y.

227 CHESTNUT-BACKED ANTBIRD Myrmeciza exsul maculifer
1 heard and briefly seen at PVM.

228* WHITE-PLUMED ANTBIRD Pithys albifrons
1 seen very close at the army antswarm at Sendero Manduro at Y.

229* BICOLORED ANTBIRD Gymnopithys leucapis
1 at the same army antswarm.

230*H BLACK-FACED ANTTHRUSH Formicarius analis
Heard daily at Y. Despite trying to tape this bird in several times, it didn't react.

231*H RUFOUS-BREASTED ANTTHRUSH Formicarius rufipectis carrikeri Heard several times at TY.

232*H MOUSTACHED ANTPITTA Grallaria alleni
Heard several times at TY.

233*H GIANT ANTPITTA Grallaria gigantae hylodroma
Heard twice at the trails at TY.

234 H CHESTNUT-CROWNED ANTPITTA Grallaria ruficapilla
Commonly heard at TY.

235*H YELLOW-BREASTED ANTPITTA Grallaria flavotincta
Some heard at TY.

236*H RUSTY-BELTED TAPACULO Liosceles thoracicus
1 heard at Y.

237* NARINO TAPACULO Scytalopus vicinior
Regular at TY.

238* SPILLMAN'S TAPACULO Scytalopus spillmani
Also regular at TY.

239 GOLDEN-FACED TYRANNULET Zimmerius chrysops
At PVM, Mindo and TY.

240 SOUTHERN BEARDLESS TYRANNULET Camptostoma obsoletum At TY and PVM.

241* LESSER ELEANIA Elaenia chiriquensis
1 at Mindo.

242 WHITE-CRESTED ELAENIA Elaenia albiceps
1 at TY.

243* WHITE-TAILED TYRANNULET Mecocerculus poecilocercus
Several at TY.

244 TUFTED TIT-TYRANT Anairetes parulus
1 at the White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant site.

245* STREAK-NECKED FLYCATCHER Mionectes staiticollis
1 seen after a very long wait at Tony's trail.

246 SLATY-CAPPED FLYCATCHER Leptopogon superciliaris
1 at TY.

247* MARBLE-FACED BRISTLE-TYRANT Phylloscartes ophthalmicus 1 at PVM.

248 RUFOUS-HEADED PYGMY-TYRANT Pseudotriccus ruficeps
1 at TY and 1 heard at PVM.

249* RINGED ANTPIPIT Corythopis torquata
1 seen walking on the forest-floor at Y.

250 RUFOUS-CROWNED TODY-TYRANT Poecolitriccus ruficeps rufigenis Several at TY.

251 COMMON-TODY-FLYCATCHER Todirostrum cinereum sclateri
1 at PVM.

252* GOLDEN-CROWNED SPADEBILL Platyrinchus coronatus
1 at Y.

253 ORNATE FLYCATCHER Myiotriccus ornatus stellatus
Some at Mindo and PVM.

254* SULPHUR-RUMPED FLYCATCHER Myiobius barbatus aureatus 1 at PVM.

255 BRAN-COLOURED FLYCATCHER Myiophobus fasciatus
1 at PVM.

256 WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE Contopus sordidulus
At TY and PVM.

257 SMOKE-COLOURED PEWEE Contopus fumigatus
Several at TY and Mindo.

258* OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER Contopus borealis
1 at Bancos.

259* FUSCOUS FLYCATCHER Cnemotriccus fuscatus
1 at the Rio Napo river island.

260 BLACK PHOEBE Sayornis nigricans
Several near the river at Tandayapa village.

261* DRAB-WATER-TYRANT Ochtornis littoralis
Common along the Rio Napo.

262 MASKED-WATER-TYRANT Fulvicola nengeta

263* BRIGHT-RUMPED ATTILA Attila spadiceus
Some at PVM and at Y.

264*H CINNAMON ATTILA Attila cinnamomeus
Commonly heard at Y.

265* GREYISH MOURNER Rhytiptera simplex
1 female from the tower at Y.

266 GREAT KISKADEE Pitangus sulphuratus
Rather common in the east.

267 BOAT-BILLED FLYCATCHER Megarhynchus pitangua
Common in the east and some at PVM.

268 RUSTY-MARGINED FLYCATCHER Myiozetetes cayanensis
At Mindo.

269* GOLDEN-CROWNED FLYCATCHER Myiodynastes chryocephalus Some at TY.

270* SULPHURY FLYCATCHER Tyrannopsis sulphurea
1 at Y.

271 TROPICAL KINGBIRD Tyrannus melanocholicus

272 SNOWY-THROATED FLYCATCHER Tyrannus niveigularis

273 CINNAMON BECARD Pachyramphus cinnamomeus
1 at PVM.

274 BLACK-AND WHITE BECARD Pachyramphus albogriseus
1 at the road to the new hotel at Mindo.

275* PINK-THROATED BECARD Pachyramphus minor
1 at Y.

276 BLACK-TAILED TITYRA Tityra cayana
1 from the tower at Y.

277 MASKED TITYRA Tityra semifasciata nigriceps
1 at PVM.

278 RED-CRESTED COTINGA Ampelion rubrocristata
2 sitting in the tree next to Tony's house for the whole period. This is at a rather low elevation for this species.

279 GREEN-AND-BLACK FRUITEATER Pipreola riefferii occidentalis A small group seen at TY.

280*H SCREAMING PIHA Lipaugus vociferans
Heard several times in the forest at Y. They didn't react at the tape.

281* PLUM-THROATED COTINGA Cotinga maynana
A male through the scope from the tower at Y. Also in the forest.

282* BARE-NECKED FRUITCROW Gymnoderus foetidus
Several seen flying over the forest. Especially well seen from the tower.

283* PURPLE-THROATED FRUITCROW Querula purpurata
Heard only at Bancos. Seen from the tower at Y.

284* AMAZONIAN UMBRELLABIRD Cephalopterus ornatus
1 in a tree at the Rio Napo river island.

285*H BLACK-NECKED RED-COTINGA Phoenicircus nigricollis
Heard this species at sendero Manduro and sendero Huarmi Yuturi. Despite a long search we din't get to see this bird.

286* ANDEAN COCK-OF-THE-ROCK Rupicola peruviana sanguinolenta 2 males and a young male near the entrance of the Tandayapa Bird Lodge. Heard daily at TY.

287* WIRE-TAILED MANAKIN Pipra filicauda
Two pairs in the forest at Y.

288* WHITE-BEARDED MANAKIN Manacus manacus
Seen at PVM (M.m.bangsi) and at Y (M.m.interior?)

289 CLUB-WINGED MANAKIN Machaeropterus deliciosus
1 near Mindo. 1 displaying at Mindo Lindo.

290* GREEN MANAKIN Chloropipro holochlora
1 at Y.

291* DWARF TYRANT-MANAKIN Tyranneutus stolzmanni
1 taped in at Y.

292 TURQOUISE JAY Cyanolyca turcosa
Several at TY.

293*H BEAUTIFUL JAY Cyanolyca pulchra
Heard daily, but apparently hard to see.

294 VIOLACEOUS JAY Cyanocorax violaceus
Common at Y.

295*H SLATY-CAPPED SHRIKE-VIREO Vireolanius leucotis
Heard at PVM.

296 RED-EYED VIREO Vireo olivaceus
Some in the west.

297 BROWN-CAPPED VIREO Vireo leucophrys
Common at TY.

298 H ANDEAN SOLITAIRE Myadestes ralloides
Heard several times at TY.

299 SLATY NIGHTINGALE-THRUSH Catharus fuscater
Some at TY.

300 SWAINSON'S THRUSH Catharus ustulatus
A few in the east and the west.

301 GREAT THRUSH Turdus fuscater
Only 1 at the first day.

302 GLOSSY-BLACK THRUSH Turdus serranus
Heard almost daily at TY and seen once.

303 BLACK-BILLED THRUSH Turdus ignobilis
A few at Coca.

304*H LAWRENCE'S THRUSH Turdus lawrencii
1 heard in the forest at Y.

305 WHITE-CAPPED DIPPER Cinclus leucocephalus
1 at the boulders in the river from the bridge in Tandayapa village.

306* BROWN-CHESTED MARTIN Progne tapera
Common in the east, especially at the rio Napo.

307 WHITE-WINGED SWALLOW Tachycineta albiventer
Common in the east.

308 BLUE-AND WHITE SWALLOW Notiochelidon cyanoleuca
Common in the west.

309 WHITE-BANDED SWALLOW Atticora fasciata
Regular in the east.

310* WHITE-THIGHED SWALLOW Neocheliodon tibialis minimus
1 at PVM.

311 SOUTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW Stelgidopteryx ruficollis Some at Mindo, PVM and at Y.

312 H BLACK-CAPPED DONACOBIUS Donacobius atricapillus nigridorsalis 1 heard (seen by Teofilo) at the marsh halfway the Sendero Huarmi Yuturi.

313 BAND-BACKED WREN Campylorhynchus zonatus
Small groups at PVM.

314*H THRUSH-LIKE WREN Campylorhynchus turdinus
Heard daily at Y. Hard to see.

315 H PLAIN-TAILED WREN Thryothorus euophrys
Heard several times at TY.

316* CORAYA WREN Thryothorus coraya
1 taped out at Y. The bird responded well and perched in a tree at eye level about 4 meters away.

317 H BAY WREN Thryothorus nigricapillus
Heard at Mindo and PVM.

318 HOUSE WREN Troglodytes aedon albicans
Rather common in the west and the east.

319 H GREY-BREASTED WOOD-WREN Henocorhina leucophrys
Heard on 4 days at TY.

320*H SOUTHERN NIGHTINGALE-WREN Microcerculus marginatus Heard at Mindo and PVM (M.m.occidentalis) and daily at Y (M.m.marginatus) in the forest.

321* SLATE-THROATED GNATCATCHER Polioptila schistaceigula
1 bird seen at PVM.

322 TROPICAL PARULA Parula pitiayumi
Several at TY.

323 BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER Dendroica fusca
Common at TY.

324 OLIVE-CROWNED YELLOWTHROAT Geothlypis semiflava
Some in Tony's garden.

325 SLATE-THROATED WHITESTART Myioborus mimiatus
Common at TY.

326 SPECTACLED WHITESTART Myioborus melanocephalus ruficoronatus Regular at TY.

327 THREE-STRIPED WARBLER Basileuterus tristriatus
Regular at TY.

328 BLACK-CRESTED WARBLER Basileuterus nigrocristatus
1 around Tony's house

329 RUSSET-CROWNED WARBLER Basileuterus coronatus
Regular at TY.

330* BUFF-RUMPED WARBLER Basileuterus fulvicauda
1 at PVM. Hard to see.

331 BLUE DACNIS Dacnis cayana coerbicolor
1 at PVM.

332 BLACK-FACED DACNIS Dacnis lineata
At Y.

333 YELLOW-TUFTED DACNIS Dacnis egregia aequatorialis
Some at PVM.

334 MASKED FLOWERPIERCER Diglossa cyanea
Common at TY.

335 WHITE-SIDED FLOWERPIERCER Diglossa albilatera
Common at TY.

336 RUFOUS-CHESTED TANAGER Thlypopsis ornata
1 at TY.

337 FAWN-BREASTED TANAGER Pipraeidea melanonota
A pair at Mindo.

338* YELLOW-COLLARED CHLOROPHONIA Chlorophonia flavirostris A large group along the entrance-road to Mindo.

339 THICK-BILLED EUPHONIA Euphonia laniirostris
1 from the lookout above the restaurant at Y.

340* GOLDEN-RUMPED EUPHONIA Euphonia cyanocephala pelzelni Some around Tony's house.

341 ORANGE-BELLIED EUPHONIA Euphonia xanthogaster
Regular at PVM, Mido and TY.

342* ORANGE-CROWNED EUPHONIA Euphonia saturata
Some along the entrance-road to Mindo.

343* GLISTENING-GREEN TANAGER Chlorochrysa phoenicotis
1 at the dirt-road to the new hotel at Mindo.

344 RUFOUS-THROATED TANAGER Tangara rufigula
1 at PVM.

345 GOLDEN TANAGER Tangara arthus
At Mindo and TY.

346 SILVER-THROATED TANAGER Tangara i. icterocephala
Some at PVM.

347 FLAME-FACED TANAGER Tangara parzudakii
Regular in the west.

348* GOLDEN-NAPED TANAGER Tangara ruficervix
1 in Tony's garden.

349* METALLIC-GREEN TANAGER Tangara l. labradorides
A few at Mindo Lindo.

350 BERYL-SPANGLED TANAGER Tangara n. nigroviridis
Regular at TY and Mindo.

351 BLUE-AND-BLACK TANAGER Tangara vassorii
Regular in the west.

352* BLACK-CAPPED TANAGER Tangara heinei
Twice at Tandayapa village (around the 'school')

353 BLUE-NECKED TANAGER Tangara cyanicollis
Some at Mindo and PVM.

354 OPAL-CROWNED TANAGER Tangara callophrys
Twice at Y.

355 BAY-HEADED TANAGER Tangara gyrola
3 times at TY, Mindo and TY.

356 BLUE-WINGED MOUNTAIN-TANAGER Anisognathus somptuosus Common at TY.

357* MOSS-BACKED TANAGER Bangsia edwardsi
2 seen very well at the Bancos-road.

358 GRASS-GREEN TANAGER Chlorornis r. riefferii
Once at TY.

359 SWALLOW-TANAGER Tersina viridis
1 at the dirt-road to the new hotel at Mindo.

360 BLUE-GREY TANAGER Thraupis episcopus
Some at Mindo. Common at Y.

361 PALM TANAGER Thraupis palmarum
Around houses at Mindo. PVM and Coca.

362 BLUE-CAPPED TANAGER Thraupis cyanocephala
Some individuals at TY and Mindo.

363 SILVER-BEAKED TANAGER Ramphocelus carbo
Regular and conspicuous around Laguna Yuturi.

364 MASKED CRIMSON TANAGER Ramphocelus nigrigularis
One group at Y.

365 BRIGHT-RUMPED TANAGER Ramphocelus flammigerus
1 along the entrance-road at Mindo.

366 SUMMER TANAGER Piranga rubra
1 at the Bancos road.

367* DUSKY-FACED TANAGER Mitrospingus c. cassinii
1 at PVM.

368* FLAME-CRESTED TANAGER Tachyphonus cristata fallax
From the tower at Y.

369 WHITE-SHOULDERED TANAGER Tachyphonus luctuosus
Some at PVM.

370* TAWNY-CRESTED TANAGER Tachyphonus delatrii
A male and a female at PVM.

371 COMMON BUSH-TANAGER Chlorospingus ophthalmicus

372 ASHY-THROATED BUSH-TANAGER Chlorospingus canigularis 1 at Mindo Lindo.

373* DUSKY BUSH-TANAGER Chlorospingus semifuscus
Twice at TY.

374* WESTERN HEMISPINGUS Hemispingus ochraceus
1 seen in Tony's garden. Recently split from Black-eared Hemispingus.

375 BUFF-THROATED SALTATOR Saltator maximus

376 BLACK-WINGED SALTATOR Saltator atripennis
Some in the west.

377* GREYISH SALTATOR Saltator coerulescens azarae
1 at the Rio Napo river island.


379 RED-CAPPED CARDINAL Paroaria gularis
Regular at Y near water.

380 SOUTHERN YELLOW-GROSBEAK Pheuctitus chrysogaster
1 at TY.

381 BLUE-BLACK GRASSQUIT Volatina jacarina
1 at TY.

382* YELLOW-FACED GRASSQUIT Tiaris olivacea pusilla
1 at Tandayapa village.

383 VARIABLE SEEDEATER Sporophila aurita ophthalmica
Some at PVM.

384 YELLOW-BELLIED SEEDEATER Sporophila nigricollis
Common in the west.

385 CHESTNUT-BELLIED SEEDEATER Sporophila castaneiventris Some at the Rio Napo river island.

386 LESSER SEEDFINCH Oryzoborus angolensis funereus
Some at PVM. In the past this ssp was a full species (Thick-billed Seedfinch).

387 TRICOLOURED BRUSH-FINCH Atlapetes tricolor
Some at TY and Mindo.

388 WHITE-WINGED BRUSH-FINCH Atlapetes leucopterus
Regular at TY.

389* CHESTNUT-CAPPED BRUSH-FINCH Atlapetes brunneinuchus 1 at Mindo Lindo.

390* BLACK-STRIPED SPARROW Arremonops conirostris striaticeps 1 at Bancos road.

391 YELLOW-BROWED SPARROW Ammodramus aurifrons
Once at TY.

392 RUFOUS-COLLARED SPARROW Zonotrichia capensis
Common in the west.

393 GIANT COWBIRD Scaphidura oryzivora
Once at TY. Common along the Rio Napo.

394* BAND-TAILED OROPENDOLA Ocyalus latirostris
Some at Y.

395 CRESTED OROPENDOLA Psarocolius decumanus
Some at Y.

396* GREEN OROPENDOLA Psarocolius viridis
Rather common at Y.

397 RUSSET-BACKED OROPENDOLA Psarocolius angustifrons
Regular heard at TY (P.a.atrocastaneus) and very common at Y (P.a.angustifrons).

Very common at Y.

399*H SOLITARY CACIQUE Cacicus solitarius
Heard twice at Y.

400 SCRUB BLACKBIRD Dives warszewiczi
Regular at Mindo and PVM.

401* ORIOLE BLACKBIRD Gmynomystax mexicanus
1 at the Rio Napo river island.

402 YELLOW-BELLIED SISKIN Carduelis xanthogastra
Some at TY.

Daan Planting
The Netherlands